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Driveway Gate - Boxer Style

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I posted a few weeks ago, looking for a Boxer silhouette to mount on my new driveway gate.  Got some good suggestions and thought I'd post the finished product.  I built this from steel tube with perforated privacy panels.  The Boxer silhouettes were cut with a plasma cutter.

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Want to come and do mine? !!:D
caillou\";p=\"7562 said:
Want to come and do mine? !!:D

Looks beautiful. Nice Job!!!  :D
What a beautiful gate, if I could have one you would be hired.
that looks great!
Wow, that is awesome...I love the way that looks..Very, very nice....Hmm, I think you might have a second career making gates....Lol...I have to share this with my friends, they will flip.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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