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dungys home, need help w/ sleeeping

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so dungy is back w/ me and it has been 2 months since he has been in this house and idk if it was a one night thing but he would not sleep in his crate last night.... he was crazy... ramming into it and barking, he didnt do this ever b4... i feel like it is cuz he knows that i am in the room w/ him

so last night i let him sleep in the bed w/ me, which i am ok w/ but will he go into his cage when i need him to?? should i let him sleep in my bed or try the cage thing again tonight after a day of getting settled
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2 months away, I'd be willing to guess he's probably suffering from severe separation anxiety.  You will probably have to start all over and ease him into the crate gradually.
he just hasnt been in this house.... he has been going in his cage every night at my house in indiana and ive been there
It might help to cover the crate with something (like cardboard if he pulls blankets through the bars to chew up like Felix).  Felix was a lot calmer in is crate when he couldn't see us.
Oh I don't know then, I assumed he was away from you.  Sometimes just a change of scenery throws off their whole routine so you may have to just stick to it.  I'd do it gradually though
i also think covering the crate is an excellent idea.i know it chilled sumya out alot.
I wish I could help but Duke has slept with us since the day we got him until recently (he wants more room). I told Adam I was going to buy a king sized bed with my income tax money.  Good luck, I hope it gets better.
i have no problem w/ him sleeping w/ me but will he be ok w/ going in his cage when i leave to go somewhere??
I just make it really fun for Duke.  He runs in there.  I get him treats he really likes and I give him a ton of them (Adam says I spoil him).  He really likes when I give him his peanut butter.  I would try that.  I also leave Animal Planet on or a radio.
Soccergk1987\";p=\"78795 said:
i have no problem w/ him sleeping w/ me but will he be ok w/ going in his cage when i leave to go somewhere??
Kiah sleeps with me and has never had a problem going in her crate.
Daisy sleeps in our bed with us and she is fine going in her cage when we go out anywhere.

Samson sleeps with us at night, he is only in his crate when we are a work or if we are going to be out longer than 20 min.  Samson hides on my bed just before it's time for me to leave for work, i give him different toys everyday and he gets his special treat before I leave and lately I have been putting PB in the kong.  He really likes that!  He still barks a bit when first going in there but we have been lucky he's never destroyed anything in there.
His routine has been upset and Boxers are very into routine...You may have a few problems at first with the crate as Dungy is trying to get re-acclimated, but shouldn't last too long
Re: dungys home, need help w/ sleeeping... UPDATE

well he is sleeping in bed w/ me now... which is fine but i am not getting much sleep cuz i keep thinking about him... so yesterday i moved him from my bed to my foof (this is basically a huge bean bag... it is 6ft by 4ft)  He actually slept there and that made my sleep better.  He will sleep ANYWHERE except for his cage cuz i am in there.  

NOW i just need him to be ok when i leave him for class.  He is crying more than he has ever before and idk what to do :( i feel really bad.  I am thinking about taking him to a doggie daycare this weekend cuz i think he is depressed cuz he doesnt have dogs to play w/ like he had back at home
You know you might be on to something.. maybe he has all this extra energy he is used to expending by playing all day! lol.  
You are back in KY now right? Maybe we can set up a play date as long as it isn't too muddy ;)
Do you know any one that has dogs in your area that you guys can have a play date?  And I honestly think he will get better in his crate after a while.  Tabs hated it at first and she will sometimes get a little whinny if we have a really busy week and she is in there for more then normal.  You might try turning music on and giving him a really good treat that he doesn't get very mine its peanut butter or those really big bacon looking things.
yep im back in lexington... i am sure dungy would be totally up for a playdate!!!
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