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Ear Cropping

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I'm thinking there is a timeframe for this.  If so, what is it?  Sadie's been having alot of problems with her ears, and I've read alot of the pros and cons, but I wondering if it's still an option since she'll be 1 this month.  Her darn ears are huge (aka Dumbo).  Personally, I don't think her big ears are helping with the yeast problems we're having.  The first thing the vet suggested minus the medicine was to flip her ears back to allow some airflow.
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Ashley was 14 weeks to the day when she had her crop. I worked with a Vet here who checks the ears 2 times a week for cartalidge formation, and you need to be ready almost at the drop of a hat to get your dog in. It worked very well for us, as we have minor edge taping right now , only at bedtime, and she is 3 weeks post crop with full stance since week 2.
This vet will not do cropping beyond 16 weeks, as everyone has stated above, beyong that point the leather sets into a specific shape, and it may never go into stance for you.
So sorry to hear your baby has the yeast issue, I know how awfull it stinks!! There is a product you may wish to ask the vet about though, I think its called Ear-dry..that helps the moisture problems.
I totaly agree the window you have to work with on crops barely gives you enough time to get to know your baby, much less make a decision like this! Best of luck!!
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