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Ear problems

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Well both dogs are having issues with there ears.  I noticed yesterday evening that Sadie's ears are really red with some very small scabs which are a result of scratching I guess.  Charlie had a spot on his ear that was a scab, well Sadie licked it off and there's a big red bump there.  I'm guessing Sadie has gotten ear mites, only thing I can think of with Charlie is possibly a tick bite.  We give them Frontline regularly up until the first couple of frosts.   Anybody got any ideas on what could look like a bubble that's red on Charlie's ear?  This is on right at the side, not really in the ear canal itself.  Sadie's ears are red down in the canal itself.
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If they are red, irritated and smell a bit foul - could be yeast.   Scabs can be from the itching.   Best IMO to take to the Vet to get a swab and see if its Yeast, Mites or bacteria.  Most likely yeast, which can be fixed by a common antibiotic ear drop.    

Best to find out the culprit, so you can get to the root of the problem to maintain solution.

Good Luck!!
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