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Ekim is vomiting

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Ekim has been vomiting every few days as we are transitioning him to canidae from wellness. He doesn't act sick at all and it only happens once a day He had loose poops on wellness and did vomit occasionally. He is on Canidae Platinum 1/4 cup to 3/4 cups of wellness. He use to be on Science diet natures best and no vomiting or soft poop. Do you think the 3 meats and fish are too much for his belly, I also have a problem with allergies and he needs to be on a low fat diet as the fat content was slightly elevated at his last check up. The only low fat product was the weight management formula. He loves the canidae, maybe I should just get the chicken and rice formula, as he does ok with chicken.
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Not sure what it is for Ekim but Kiah was very allergic to Canidae (used the All Life Stage one); soft poo, vomiting, hair loss, and bad eye boogers.  She had problems with lots of different foods.
He kept all of his food down today, I did notice he ate a little faster yesterday.  Wonder if I should switch food again or wait it out?
I would suggest maybe waiting a few days and see if he gets better...I know that when I started transitioning Gaby from Medi-Cal development formula to the adolescent formula the first time she had it she did vomit and her stools where kind of loose, but it has been a month now and everything seems vomiting and good solid stools! and of course she just loves it :D
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