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Ekim is vomiting

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Well I switched food, Wellness gave him soft poop so I switched to canidae and now Ekim is vomiting a few days a week. The food is mostly undigested and he vomits a few hours after meals. He seems fine otherwise, but I am getting worried that something else may be wrong. Any ideas or suggestions.
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hmmm Maverick is on canidae and he used to vomit when we first started him on it was usually about 30 mins after he ate and yea the food was undigested it was just slimy eww. Anyway he hasnt done that in weeks just at the beginning and i think sometimes he eats too fast.
Normally that is from eating to fast.  He may like the food so much that he eats to fast...try giving him his food in two meals....half and then wait a while and then the other half to make him slow down a little and see if that helps.....There is nothing right off the top of my head that goes along with vomiting of food that is still whole and him feeling fine otherwise....
i agree with sharon, luann.  and also from what you told me the other day , sounds like ekim is lovin' his food so much! he cant wait to get it in his belly! :lol:
Luann, try spreading it out on a cookie sheet, that works really well.....
samsonsmom\";p=\"74029 said:
Luann, try spreading it out on a cookie sheet, that works really well.....
DITTO!  We have to do that for Charlie.  The man can still down 2 1/2 cups in 2 or 3 minutes.  If you feed from a dish, try putting a ball in with his food so he has to kinda work to get the kibble.
ok, I tried a cup in his bowl and the cookie sheet to slow down his eating, he didn't vomit for 2 days and today he vomited 2x but a very small amount about an hour after he ate. Do you think the multiple proteins in the Canidae are to rich? They do have a chicken or lamb I can try. I am so worried about him. He seems fine otherwise.
If it keeps persisiting then maybe take him in to have it looked at to rule out nothing more serious.
Wow Luann, I was hoping that would help...I agree with Heather, wouldn't hurt to take him in..It's also possible that that particular blend of Canidae may be too rich for him, I have always liked Lamb & rice blends better anyways....
Bruce's switch to Canidae made him throw up 2 or 3 times.  Then again he did eat it rather quickly.  But we pretty much switched cold turkey because he hated his Pedigree food that the breeder was giving him.
I spoke to the vet yesterday and he wanted to switch him back to science diet and wait about a week to see if it helps, as he was fine with that. I really hate giving him that food. Any other suggestions for food types.
Does he think that his stomache is sensitive Luann? Wondering if that sensitive formula Purina that Barb and a few others are using might work....
I was thinking about that, but he was fine until I switched his food 2 months ago because I didn't want to give him the science diet, plus he needed to lose weight. Maybe I will try it, won't hurt.
It is the Purina One Salmon and Brown Rice.......
Cooper also vomited several times when first switched to Canidae.  Also had loose stools.  He was on antibiotic at the time so I thought it was that, but looks like this may somewhat common.  Now he's fine on canidae and has firm poops as well.  

On a side note, my wife saw me looking through the forums and saw a picture of Kiah and said, "Please tell me Cooper isn't going to get that big!"  I told her he probably would and she was worried until I showed her a picture of Ekim!  Now she's REALLY worried about Cooper getting too big.  LOL!  I told her I'd have Cooper take up smoking to stunt his growth.
It certainly couldn't hurt to try it Luann...As far as the weight issue, I would think that with having Delila, he would lose some weight anyways. I know Samson has, probably about 5 lbs...Plus I cut back on his food and he doesn't get a lot of treats either....Hoping you can get some answers and a resolution
Teaki did that for 5 years.   She would throw up 2-3 times a week (sometimes more) and the food was always undigested and coated in slime.  She never really wanted to eat her food no matter what kind it was.  She was fine otherwise, the vet said nothing else was wrong with her was just something with the food not agreeing with her.  So we switched foods so many times I can't even remember all the ones we tried.  The other two loved having new foods all the time to try and nothing upset their rock guts but Teaki just couldn't handle the foods.  Not sure it that is the problem with yours or like others said just the new food he is on now.   Hopefully he will get better!
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