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Ekim 's Vet visit

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As you all know Ekim has been vomiting since he went on a diet and his food was changed. Well we have tried everything to prevent the vomiting but nothing has worked so far. Today we spent most of the morning at the vets. Ekim seems fine temp normal lymph nodes ok, gums pink, blood work fine. Dr thought it could possibly be megaesophagus, so Ekim had some x rays taken and it wasn;t that. All looked normal except for a small shadow that could be indicative of a mass, so Dr decided to perform more x rays but nothing showed up. Thank God. The only problem is that she feels sometimes a mass could be hidden due to the broad chest, so she wants to do an ultrasound later this week. I hope and pray they don't find anything. She sent him home on steroids and pepcid and new food, Prescribtion Z/D, I hate anything by Hills but if it helps I'll try anything. His stomach was clear,kidneys were fine, hips good everything she is just trying to be cautious due to the shadow in the first x ray. As I said it didn't turn up on the additional view  taken with Ekim lying on his on his back. x rays did show some arthritis in his spine, very mild but I will keep an eye on that also. He weighs 87 lbs down from 95 but he has been dieting for the past few months so his weight has stayed the same, so no major weight loss going on despite his once a day vomiting. He may have an irritable bowel so hopefully the meds will help, but this to may warrent further tests such as a biopsy if the vomiting persists. I sure hope we get to the botom of this as I hate to see anything wrong with my baby.
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Poor baby, hope the medicine and new food help him stop vomiting.  Praying that the ultrasound doesn't show anything; Kiah and I send him kisses and feeling better soon vibes.
Sending healing thoughts and get well wishes to Ekim. Hope the dark spot turns out to be nothing and the meds / food help the vomiting  :)
A dark spot can also be air or gas so dont get to upset until you know!  An ultrasound is the best course of action on double checking that.  The Z/D food is pretty good for your situation.  It is a great food for food allergy sensitive dogs :) I am personally not a fan of Hills food either, but some of the perscription stuff works wonders.  My lab lost impressive weight on the R/D food.  Hope Ekim feels better soon!!!!
Luann, if the food works for Ekim it's worth it....Poor guy.. hoping the meds do the trick tho and will keep fingers crossed ultrasound comes out ok....Give that handsome guy a big hug for me
Hope Ekim is feeling better soon. I agree, if the food works, so be it! Hugs to Ekim!
Re: Ekim 's Vet visit Update

Well it has been 2 days and no vomiting, he is still on the steroids 20 mg 2x a day and the pepcid 2x a day. Vet changed his food to Prescription Z/D, I hate Hills food but it worked so far. I really don't know if it is the meds or the food change yet. Still awaiting to see about an ultrasound for him. Keeping my fingers crossed. On another note I need sleep. we are going to the bathroom every hour becaus of the steroids. Ekim has no problem falling back to sleep, but I finished reading 2 books in 2 nights. Oh well, I am either going to be a scholar or a sleep deprived animal by the time he is off the meds.LOL
Hope things continue to progress... GL..
No vomiting that is so good, hopefully he will be off the steriods soon and you can get some sleep.
Charlie was on Hills when he was really sick.  The vets fed him the canned stuff for easy digestion.  She said it would only be temporary and 1 week later Charlie was off the food completely.
luann. i just caught this thread! sorry about ekim!!! i am glad he is feeling better! it is so scary when our babies are not doing / feeling well.keep us posted on how he is doing!!!
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