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everyone meet scrappy

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Hey this is Scrappy, my ami (aw mi)'s brother. His owner called us to take him back becuase their older boston terrier was very aggressive toward him. I am so glad he called us to come get him before just giving him to anyone. Here is picture. Six months old and very sweet and calm (well so far). He looks like ami. They took good care of him he has all his vet records.  I was afraid he wouldnt get along with our chihuahuas but he has not had the first problem with them. I think that older dog was dog aggressive and he is very skitish.

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He is a cutie, so glad they asked you to take him back.
He is beautiful!!  What a relief to get him back
Congratulations!  Glad they called you to come and get him and glad he was taken care of while they had him!  He is very handsome!
hello and welcome! such a cutie
What a darlin! Congrats on the recovery! :)  Look forward to seeing more pics!
What a sweetie..So glad that his owners called you first..Wow, I just realized, that makes 4 Boxers!!! Holy cow  :)
Aww, he does look sweet!
There must never be a dull moment at your house with 4!  8O  I am glad to hear that they surrendered him back to you.  :D  He is cute, looks like such a character!
are you a breeder?  or just had given him to them?.  4 boxers is insane...although i feel myself itching for a third...which Mike will  never allow, lol
I am not a breeder and would never call myself that. I did however have a litter and sold scrappy to this family and told them if they ever needed me to call and they listened. Our two males are outside but they do come in. Its a mad house when they do lol  we also have three male chihuahuas that dont like brutus very much so we have to keep them separated.

My babies are very important to me and I am going to basically re program scrappy. He was not crate trained and if he doesnt want to go somewhere hes not going (On leash or off) He walks will harness okay but we will be working on it as well. They main problem is they used a shock/training collar on him and I do not know if this is the reason but he is very skittish of any loud noise or another dog growling ect (because of their other dog attacking him). If you have any suggestions to helping this dog not be so scared, I am open.  He was taken to the vet and I believe well taken care of but Still kinda skinny(I am guessing it was because of the stress from the other dog and probably misuse of the training collar. I hate them things.
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This may be some help, it's a post on teaching timid dogs ... pic&t=1841
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