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Excessive Shedding. . . .should i worry?

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Ok so Savannah in the past week or so has started shedding buckets of hair. I have to vaccum in and around her kennel every night. There is just balls and balls of hair. i have NOT noticed any area on her body with no hair, but i gave her a bath last night and there was a ring around the tub of mahogany hair, and when i brushed her i had to clean the brush out twice! :bs?!?!: anyone ever experience such massive shedding? there has been no changes to food or enviornment. The only thing i can think of is the kittens we took in had fleas, i did treat them (the kittens) the carpet, and both dogs. Reese is not  having this problem.    :bshelp:
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Jessie sheds like this constantly!!! I can start a new dog with the amount of hair i sweep up every day!
It could just be the change in the weather as we are seriously coming into summer now.  Most dogs shed seasonally (Boxers too).  Keep an eye on her diet, how she is eating, and her behavior.  You may want to add a bit more protein in her diet to help with the hair regrow and  this may help stem the loss.

Liz and Lilly
Apperently you have never owned a german sheherd.  boxers barely shed compared to our shepherd
mybaddogs--  LOL!!!  The more hair the dog has, the more hair that can be shed.  I have had Shepherds as well and your right, a Boxer shedding is nothing compared to a Shepherd.  They lose enough hair to clone several other dogs from, but the fact is that Boxers do shed seasonally, as most others do.

Chloesmom--  Have you changed Savannah's feed recently or introduced a new feed or supplement?  This can also cause shedding.

Liz and Lilly
Toby sheds depending on the weather.. I've noticed that he's been shedding a lot now compared to winter...
Nope. there has been no changes to food. I guess i will watch her and see how she is doing. she doesnt have a problem eating. It just made me wonder because i have never had a boxer shed like this, and reese isnt shedding.
Zeus has been shedding a little bit but not excessively and as for Dante which he is part German Shephard it is crazy amounts of hair, i have to clean the heck out of the tub after a bath. Which reminds me i need to do that.hehehe
Samson has always been a shedder, and this year it's the worse it's ever been...I sweep up huge piles of his hair every other day..But it's starting to slow down, I've been accelerating it by brushing him daily outside...He's always had a coarser coat and a wee bit thicker too compared to other boxers. Angel sheds some, but nothing like Samson does...
The weather is a defident option. My two dogs shed like crazy, i can never go near them with black clothes on! Outside of they;re  crate is balls of white hair. With my deaf dog Maddy she is also experiencing alot of bald spots, we went to the vet and it wasnt mange. Its been seasonal, in the winter it would be fine, then closer to the summer shes got huge bald spots on her sides. Shes still pretty though :D
Kiah has been shedding a lot lately also, she has gotten a new coat and it is so shiny. I didn't know if it was puppy hair she was shedding or changing to Canidae.  She also had some bald spot on her neck which I thought was from her color when she was pulling me but now it is almost grown back in.  :dance:
Tink is a major shedder too.  As Angela said, I could make another dog with the amount of hair she sheds every day.  ALL of my clothes also look like they're mohair and angora too, because of all the white hair clinging to them, even straight out of the wash.

Hector doesn't seem to be a shedder so far, thank God.  Touch wood!
The only time Roxy ever shed like that was when she was loosing her puppy coat.  I haven't seen a lot of shedding now though.
Blaze is shedding alot also, I know with my female labs they would "blow their coat" after a heat cycle. (excessive amounts of shedding) Not sure if boxer females do this or not.
Ginsy is doing this now too.  she is 4 months old now so she could just be loosing her puppy coat.  I took her to te vet and he said he didn't think it was mange and didn't even think he needed to do a skin scrape.  
So it could just be seasonal shedding or puppy fur loss for you too.
Well Savannah is 2 so i dont think it would be the puppy coat thing, also she is spayed so she has no heat cycle. Her shedding started before we switched foods, and the vet said no to mange. So i just pull out the vaccum every evening and do my nightly cleaning. I just dont know what else to do :D
Hmmmmm well so far Fiona has not been losing any hair.  Maybe some when we take a bath.  I say "we" because I am as wet as she is when we are finished.  I bathe her once every 7 to 9 days though and feel that helps cut the shedding down. Of course she is only 3 1/2 months so maybe I have not hit the puppy peek of shedding yet?.
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