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Exercising your boxer

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(Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this) I was wondering if it was ok/safe to run Seven with me on 30-40 minute bike rides (off leash of course and with a few water breaks for him). I have never forced him to do anything enduring before, he plays, goes hiking and rests at will. He's two years old now. Is his bone structure done growing or should I give him a while more just to be safe?
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He's 2 years old, so his growth plates are closed (this happens around 18 months).  He should be fine to take with you on more exerting walks/runs.  30 or 40 mins should be fine for him to start off with, and like you said, give him water breaks as well.  Have fun!
[quote="Honeyec\";p=\"63442":nu2ubfp5]He's 2 years old, so his growth plates are closed (this happens around 18 months).
It should be fine but I wouldn't start out at 30-40 minutes; start out at 5-10, and build up over a few weeks to 30-40 minutes.  (Just as a human getting into running wouldn't start out with a longer run, but would build up to it.)
At 2 years, 30-40 minutes should be fine. I would just keep an eye on him for the first few times.
i agree with what everyone else said  2 years should be a good age but newcastle has a good point to start off at 5- 10 mins, and work your way up to 30 40. it might be  easier & safer to gradually extend the time(imo)
Thank you all. Ill start slow with a 10 minute run then increase. I hope he likes it!
keep us posted, i am sure that he will LOVE the extra time with you and to get his exercise
That was and still is actually my time to really bond with mine....Especially if it's one on one....Now I walk 2, so it's not quite the same, but the time he spends with you will be good and also another way to throw in bits of obedience training too :)
Well Seven loves! to run with me as I bike. He stays next to me most of the time, runs ahead then I call him back to "stay with me" (command), or he'll take a pit stop to say hi to the other dogs hanging out then run like the wind again with me. I think he thinks it great that I can go fast like him! He'll run ahead then stop, and look back at me like "what are you waiting for! Hurry up!" I give him two water breaks. Then I let him wind down on the beach with the other dogs when were done running. So, a question I have is, how many calories should I be feeding him now with the extra daily exercise? He is currently getting 1365 calories a day. His exercise is two 15-20 minute walks a day, 30 minutes of running with me, and about 30 minutes of playing with other dogs. Also the usual playing in the house. Should I increase his food intake? Or switch to a food with more protein? Or stay the same? He is on Solid Gold Wolfking with 22% protein, 3.75 cups a day, with a few treats. Thanks for the responses in advance! Sev and Shawn.
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OMG if that is a pic of him, he is ADORABLE
Good!  Glad he's having so much fun!  :D  Not sure about the food thing though.  Maybe ask your vet?
That is a lot of exercise...Can you see ribs a lot? You should be able to see a few, but as long as the spine or hip bones aren't showing, Boxers are good....You may want to give him a protein snack in the middle of the day as he is getting a lot of exercise..Like a Kong with peanut butter & yogurt, they all seem to love those  :) That's what I generally do on heavy exercise days...
I would just keep an eye on him physically.  If he looks good now, with one or two sets of ribs showing, weigh him to keep his ideal weight in mind.  then if he looks like he is losing weight add a little more food, checking his weight periodically.  
snacks during the day are also a good idea.  Personally I wouldn't feed a meal 2 hours before or after exercise , b/c of the possibility of it contributing to bloat.  i don't know if it has been scientifically proven that eating a meal close to exercise contributes to bloat, but i'd rather be safe than sorry!
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