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Check out the site that RottsnBox posted, Nutro wet canned food is already on it... You can also sign up for updates on food recalls from that site as well.

FDA Dog Food Recalls

   Americas Choice, Preferred Pet
   Best Choice
   Big Bet
   Big Red
   Blue Buffalo (RICE GLUTEN)
   Canine Caviar Pet Foods (RICE GLUTEN)
   Champion Breed Lg Biscuit
   Champion Breed Peanut Butter Biscuits
   Co-Op Gold
   Companion's Best Multi-Flavor Biscuit
   Costco/Kirkland Signature (RICE GLUTEN)
   Demoulas Market Basket
   Diamond Pet Food
   Diamond Pet Food (RICE GLUTEN)
   Doctors Foster & Smith
   Doctors Foster & Smith (RICE GLUTEN)
   Dollar General
   Eukanuba Can Dog Chunks in Gravy
   Eukanuba Pouch Dog Bites in Gravy
   Food Lion
   Giant Companion
   Gravy Train
   Grreat Choice
   Happy Tails
   Harmony Farms (RICE GLUTEN)
   Harmony Farms Treats (RICE GLUTEN)
   Health Diet Gourmet Cuisine
   Hill Country Fare
   Hy Vee
   Iams Can Chunky Formula
   Iams Can Small Bites Formula
   Iams Dog Select Bites
   Jerky Treats Beef Flavored Dog Snacks
   La Griffe
   Laura Lynn
   Loving Meals
   Master Choice
   Meijer's Main Choice
   Mighty Dog
   Mulligan Stew Pet Food (RICE GLUTEN)
   Natural Balance (RICE GLUTEN)
   Natural Life
   Natural Way
   Nu Pet
   Nutro - Ultra
   Nutro Max
   Nutro Natural Choice
   Ol' Roy
   Ol' Roy 4-Flavor Lg Biscuits
   Ol' Roy Canada
   Ol' Roy Peanut Butter Biscuits
   Ol' Roy Puppy
   Ol'Roy US
   Perfect Pals Large Biscuits
   Performatrin Ultra
   Pet Essentials
   Pet Life
   Pet Pride / Good n Meaty
   Presidents Choice
   Price Chopper
   Priority Canada
   Priority US
   Roche Brothers
   Royal Canin (RICE GLUTEN)
   Royal Canin Veterinary Diet (RICE GLUTEN)
   Save-A-Lot Choice Morsels
   Shep Dog
   Shop Rite
   SmartPak (RICE GLUTEN)
   Springfield Prize
   Stater Brothers
   Stater Brothers Large Biscuits
   Stop & Shop Companion
   Tops Companion
   Weis Total Pet
   Western Family Canada
   Western Family US
   White Rose
   Winn Dixie
   Your Pet

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That is scary as heck.. I only rotate between California Natural and TimberWolf Organics and if either ever make that list, I'm done feeding any kind of dog food to Chloe this is getting insane!

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It is SCARY and oh so frustrating for so many people that want to do right by their pets and just give them something good to eat.  I'm approached by so many people asking me what to feed their beloved pet and if there's anything they can cook for them.  Let's face it the trust is gone and people are demanding these pet food companies get their ahem...doodoo...together.

Personally I'm glad something of this scale happened. I've seen it coming for many many years.  Of course I don't like that so many peoples pets died because of it, but it's educational value has been nothing less than an awakening!

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Yeah I am glad that i switched to Canidae. But as you said if they ever turn up on the list then i am done with dog food and making them food myself. And a lot of things are getting recalled from China that i am seeing on the news, like the lettuce and spinach leaves. Looks like i am going to have to start a farm for meat and dairy.

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boy i am glad i switched the girls off nutro. we were feeding an allstages, but switched!! hey bubba let me know when you want to start that farm- i will help out and you can pay me in true wholesome food :lol:
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