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Feeding a Boxer

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Someone, though i forgot who, posted a question about their boxer eating too quickly and then vomiting. I tried to find the post, but i for some reason i guess i am skipping over it. my question (sorry but this is a little gross) is when they vomited was it like a little mound of pieces of whole kibble? Savannah started recently vomiting after she eats and she has never done this before. I was wondering if she was just eating to quickly because when she vomits it up it looks just like what was in the bowl only a little more slimey (sorry guys!!) She wont eat just dry kibble, we do have to put a little bit of wet food in but there has been no change to the brand or what not. Before i got over excited i wanted to ask because i feel she is just eating her food too fast. I cant do the kibble on the cookie sheet since she has wet food, but i am going to try putting a ball or something in the bowl to help slow her down.
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I think chloebellesmom posted about this!

Anyways when Roxy did it hers looked like that too just a little extra saliva!! When she does it its just a big mound of partially chewed food :oops:
Teaki did that before we found a food she could eat and keep down.
Here is a link to a feeding bowl to help slow them down.
A big ball or toy in the food bowl would serve the same purpose. The reason the food looks the same as it did in the bowl is because dogs really are not chewers and most of their digestion happens in their stomachs. We chew our food and have saliva to help break down the food in our mouths. Dogs pretty much just inhale the food and all the breakdown and digestion happen in their stomachs. I hope the ball in the bowl helps, or you can always just add food little by little to see if that helps. Good luck to you and Savannah.  :wink:
Diesel did that once as well, and my MIL just asked me this question yesterday, because Her english bulldog pup choked on his food. She said she had to lift him up by his back feet to get the chunk of food unstuck from his throat.

I told her to either put something huge in his bowl, like an upside down cereal bowl, or feed him on a cookie sheet.

Also the link for the Tootsie added is a great idea as well.
I have had this problem with Chloe many times in the past. At first it started with throwing up food just as you described and then it got to the point of her choking. We have used the brake-fast bowl and it works awesome!!!!!! Only problem is it is made out of plastic and made Chloe break out bad. Then we resorted to the cookie sheet and she ended up putting her paw on the sheet to stop it from moving. Then we moved to putting a big ball in her bowl and she only ended up taking it out. Our latest attempt was putting a heavy coffee cup upside down in her bowl which was helping up until last week when she nearly choked to death. So now what we are doing is using the coffee cup but making sure we have our foot on top of it so she can't push the cup out of the bowl.
It ticks her off beyond belief but so far it has been the only thing to stop the vomiting and choking.
If Toby's been exercising a lot he'll gobble down his food and do a reverse sneeze type thing when he's choking.. So I just take his bowl away and scatter bits of food on the floor so he'll slow down..
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