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Feeding guide

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When reading the feeding guide on the back of the bag, do you go by the the dogs weight now (toy 3-12lbs) OR future (large 51-100lbs)?
I have been free feeding him for the first week but will start measuring it soon.
He is 8 weeks old!
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I feed by the weight he is now.  I don't know if that's the right way to do it or not, but it seems to be working.
Of coarse, Henry is 16 months old.  That makes a difference.
I always go by rule of thumb on an eight week old pup.  1.5 cups in the am, 1.5 in the afternoon and 1.5 in the pm.    Then adjust according to weight as they are growing.  Usually after they reach 6 months, I cut them back to two meals a day, 1.5 in am, 1.5 in the PM, again adjusting to the way they look.  If they are excercising or getting more play, I up the food a bit.  

Good Luck.
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