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Ohhh, please don't let them get to you!

ALL pedigree dogs are prone to certain health problems, depending on breed - it's just a simple fact of coming from a fairly common gene pool.  However, just because they can get something doesn't at all mean that they will.  There is a world of difference between potential and actuality.

And I would actually stake money on it that none of those people who were "iffy" about you adopting a Boxer have ever actually had one - would I be right?

Listen, if someone laid out the cons of having a child against the pros, no-one would ever have kids, but it just doesn't work like that, right?  Same with dogs, and particularly Boxers.

The best way i can think to put it is that when I got my first tattoo, I said to the artist before he started "Is it really that sore???" and he just looked at me and said "If it was, do you think so many people would come back and have more and more and more of them?"

Boxers are exactly the same - do you really think that if they were as frail and expensive and difficult as some people would have you believe that all of us would even be here on this forum???

You go ahead and do what I think you already have your heart set on - go and give that gorgeous girl the home she deserves - you will never look back.
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