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female and male boxer differences pictures of ours

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We have always had female boxers but the last time we went to get a puppy my husband said it would be male or nothing!  So we now have Ziggi, he has a lot of our Calli's personality and traits which we like but boy does he have his own style!

 Those who have both what differences have you noticed with them?  I know that all boxers have their own personality and are unique but Zig is in a class by himself compared to our girls and I am just wondering if it is because he is male and we are used to females!  :D

One big difference is his size....our Calli was a big girl but Zig just doesn't seem to want to stop growing.  He also always sits on Teaki, our kids, etc. like a chair.  He will lay on top of Teaki if she is in the sun spot and he wants it.

Here is Zig and Teaki taken the other day after swimming.


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Thats hysterical!!! the one of him sitting on her! LMAO!!

Maggie is a sitter on er too! LOL!

There was a plate of roast beef on the table the other day... and I was sitting on the floor... and It took maggie about 5 minutes to decide whether she wanted to sit on me or to go check out the roast beef!!!  She sat on me for 10 seconds then went to the roast beef!
Cool boxer butts!  I have one very similar to that!  I have only had boy boxers so I'm not much help there.  I wouldn't know how a girl boxer acts.
Well both of mine are boys and Dante is shephar/lab mix. Zeus will show his dominance by standing over the top of Dante and stuff like that but i always tell him to move on and leave poor Dante alone. But I am looking into getting a little female one day soon hopefully. Your babies are gorgeous i might add,  :)
OK...So I understand what you are saying...It just sounds like a Boxer to me!!!  LOL!!!  I am Lilly's personal recliner, couch, bed, chair etc...etc...nearly anytime, except for in the car when I'm driving.  Boxer's are notorious for being 65lb lap dogs.  Might as well get used to it...

Here's an example...

Liz and Lilly


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Hmm...I had a male first and now a female. The only differences I notice are that my female is a LOT more stubborn than my male was.  :snooty:   Go figure!! Also, she is not that much of velcro or a shadow to me as my male was. I don't know if any of this has to do with the fact that she was a rescue and I had my male since he was a pup. I don't know why either, but I am more partial to the males. :winkle:
I have both, and while Hector is still quite young, the main differences I've noticed is that Tink is a lot more stubborn and much more of a velcro dog.  He's a lot lazier than her.  If the two of them are asleep and I leave the room, Tink will immediately follow me whereas he'll just open one eye, have a look and then stay put.  Tink is dominant, but I would say that's just by virtue of her having been there first.  She is also the guard dog of the house, she lets us know whenever someone walks past by growling whereas he couldn't give a fiddlers, but other than that, Hector is much more vocal than her.

Her manners are also a lot better, but I imagine that that's just because she's had more training than him so far.
I've had 2 pairs, Male & Female. In each case the male was the first...Buck was my baby, even tho he technically was my Ex's dog, I raised Buck, we were insepreable when I was off on disability. Buck was an empath also towards me, he knew my moods and adusted his behavior accordingly. Tia was a flirt and very much a Daddy's girl..If I were to leave the room, Buck would follow, Tia would stay put (she was also a couch potato)...Buck was very hyper and Tia was very low key, total opposites..And now I have the same pair in reverse!! Samson is the mellow one and Angel is the live wire...Samson also follows me everywhere and so does Angel...If I take a shower, I know that one or both will be laying on the floor in the bathroom when I get finished. Rhonda was convinced that Angel would be a Daddy's girl, but so far it seems that is not happening..Push comes to shove, Angel will be wherever Samson & I are...I do think that the females are a bit more stubborn, which is probably why Angel & I bump heads soo much....Lol...I do favor the males, but I sure have fallen hard for Angel, she is such a love bug & is always crawling up into my lap, which is something that Samson very seldom will do....
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I have both and they are total opposites.
I am not sure I would have won out over the roast beef....Maggie sounds like she has a great personality!

Love the picture of Lilly on your lap, she is adorable!  Zig tries that every morning, jumping on the couch for a morning hug and snuggle.....ALL 83lbs of him!  8O

Our girls never really wanted to sit in your lap like Zig, they always wanted to be near you and would lay down beside you if you were on the floor but never sat in your lap.  Our girls seemed alot bossier than Zig, he is pretty laid back but also likes to guard the house.  Our girls have been more prissy than Zig, he doesn't care how dirty, wet or messy he gets.  Teak won't step foot outside if it is even threatening rain.
[quote="spoiledrottenboxers\";p=\"14506":1szumolc]I have both and they are total opposites.
Lilly not only lays on me, like in the picture, she also sits in my lap (especially when I sit "indian style") as though I made a pocket right there for her, sleeps with her head on my shoulder, sleeps draped across me, sleeps with her head on me as though I am her personal headrest...etc...etc...

I love it!!!  Of course sometimes it's really uncomfortable, but my clients think it's hilarious.  I have a couple of clients that have 12 wk old Boxer pups and they get to see what their pups could end up (or are becoming in the girl pups case) being like and doing!!!

Liz and Lilly
...personal recliner, couch, bed, chair etc...etc...nearly anytime, except for in the car when I'm driving.
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