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Fertilizer Question

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Ok, it is time for fertilize down here and I have a dilemma - Lucy eats everything! Does anyone have any idea of a fertilizer I can use that is pet safe? Also, if we do fertilize, how long before I should let them out into the yard afterwards? Do I need to water it in? Help!
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You do have to be careful with what fertilizer you use but if you go to your local hardware store home repair store they should be able to tell you which ones to look at.  I used Revive as well as weed control fertilizer but watered it in real good then just watched my boxer/lab Buster when he would go out.  He eats everything too also I would wipe down his feet when he came in so he wouldn't lick anything harmful.  
good luck
The fertilizer container should tell you some info too.  I know with ours last year I think it was a whole day or two before they could go on the grass, so we either did have our yard one day and them them play on the other half or just took them for walks instead of letting them play in the yard.
We only had to wait 7 hours on the one that was used on the backyard but actually used the front yard for 48 hours and then did that one so we went back to the backyard.
Scott's just came out with a product called Organic Choice that is safe for pets and children and can be used any time of year on any type of grass. I don't think it needs to be watered in right away either. You can pick it up at Lowes, I just bought a couple of bags to put down.
Awesome, thanks Lisa!
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