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Few pics for you all

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Not sure if this is the right place but here goes....

Bailey Bear chilling in the sun...shes a lazy moo  :lol:

The two of them taking a breather from running riot

Not quite sure what theyre doing here  8O


Got heaps more so best stop now before I get carried away  :oops:
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Oh Hilary I just love looking at pics of your 2!!!!!! Im BxrLuvRfromNY on BP but havent been able to log onto it?????? I dont know whats wrong I think its my computer!! Damn thing
PS I just LOVE Georgies tail!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:  Roxy thinks hes a hottie!!
Hi Cindi!!!

How are those babies of yours ...all 3 of them  :wink:
They are doing great Hilary!!! Baby boy is a month and a half old already!!!!!!!!!!! Roxy just keeps amazing me lol She can climb ladders now!!! I always say shes too smart for her own good!! Well of course she is lol...............SHES A BOXER!!!!!!!! Hows Georgie and Bailey Bear? How are you liking Australia!! Got any spare rooms? Roxy and I wanna come visit;)
Cute pictures!
Great pics. whats georges weight?
ok, my day is complete now, I got my Bailey & Georgie fix...I love looking at those 2 Hilary, they look like a matching set of bookends.. :) Great pictures,,,,Thanks so much for sharing.
Thanks all  :lol:

We're love Australia Cindi and yep we have a spare room  :wink:

Just had George weighed yesterday hes 27 kilos think thats about 60 lbs  :D
They're beautiful - and now i'm getting broody for a second boxer again :D ! ( I bet the tail helps to tell them apart!!!)
They are both beautiful!!  :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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