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Probably the worst thing you can do is take your dog to the dog park and not watch it.  I see it all the time and I really think it's rather neglectful on the owner's part to be honest.  You don't know which dog started it?  You really should keep an eye on your dog at all times...besides, you don't know what kind of worms are floating around in other dog's poop out there or what your dog might get from being there.

The best thing to do is make a few good friends, walk your dogs together, let those dogs build up a good relationship, and just stick together with them.  This helps your dog to be more friendly instead of getting attacked by random dogs at all times, which makes them learn that other dogs may attack them.


Anyway, back to the paying attention to your dog thing.  You should watch your dog's interactions with the other dogs.  Typically, the dogs will go up to eachother, and will give some type of welcoming sign.  The less-dominant dog will turn and allow the more dominant dog to sniff it's butt first.  Then the more dominant dog will sniff the butt, and turn around to let the other dog get a brief sniff.

Be on the lookout for warning signs such as either of the two dogs not giving the proper gestures when meeting.  Be on the lookout for a dog that goes to sniff but doesn't let the other dog sniff afterwards or immediately tries to put his paws on top of the other dog.

After sniffs are exchanged, this is the time where they should start playing and "vocal" behavior would be accepted...but you still need to keep an eye on your dog(s).

Be weary of they are normally considered one of the more "rude" breeds when it comes to meeting other dogs.  They tend to create a lot of scraps because they just don't follow the "dog rules" ... maybe because they're so domesticated these days.


Anyway, good luck, luckily things didn't turn out worse, and no dogs were seriously injured.  Maybe next time just pay closer attention and look for warning signs and make sure that your dog is not the "rude" one that is starting a fight.

And remember, the dog park shouldn't be a place where people gather to shoot the breeze about everything under the sun while their dogs run around unsupervised and not payed attention to until a fight breaks out.
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