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Finally decided on a food to try.

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I have researched, asked questions, decided on and then changed my mind so many times I am getting
Izzy comes home next week and I wanted to choose a good food for her.
The breeder currently has her on 'Beneful' ..... but I prefer to try something else.
I know I will have to slowly make the transition...but I want to be ready.
I almost went with 'Merrick' but the only formula that the pet store has in large bags is 'Grammy's Pot Pie'. The ingredients don't sound as good as in some of the other formulas such as the Wilderness blend.

Finally after much debate...I have decided to try...Canidae (All life stages)
I found really good reviews on it, and it seems to be highly recommended.
I bought her first bag yesterday.

Any Thoughts??

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we use canidae and it has been good for us, stools are fine and he eats it but we mix in a teaspoon of low fat plain yogurt because he got used to it and is spoiled now...we mix a lot into the food to make it different for him as well so he likes it but i would say stick to just kibble till she is transitioned and doing good on her new food. I love the fact that ive learned about all the variations we can do with our dogs food at this forum, things i never would have thought of otherwise.
Canidae is a good start.  Just don't expect it to end there.  If it works out great, but most people have to try several foods to find one that suits their dog.  I've tried a bunch of the high-rated foods and haven't found a perfect one yet.  Canidae actually was one of the best, but he did develop dry skin/dandruff.  From reading on here that is a common problem from Canidae.  I switched foods and it went away.  But I'm not sure if maybe it was just because the seasons changed, so I might give it a try again just to make sure.  Good luck
Puppies are so delicate (for lack of a better word), and even small changes can upset them.  Even if you don't like what the breeder is using, make sure that you transition your new baby slowly from the Beneful to the Canidae.  Most recommend feeding 1/4 new food to 3/4 old food for a week; then 1/2 old food to 1/2 new food for a week; and then 3/4 new food to 1/4 old food for a week; and then totally new food.  Canidae is a good food- you just have to find out how your puppy will tolerate it.  Good luck and keep us posted.
We switched Jetta from purina puppy chow to Premium Edge...she didn't like premium edge very much...and it wasn't one of the best we switched her to Canidae ALS and hubby was a dummy and mixed it right away to 1/2 and 1/2...she did fine..not a day of loose stool...We switched Bo cold turkey from Purina Dog Chow (didn't want to buy a bag of crap and he had loose poop to start with)...we added pumpkin and it hardened up in a day...they both love the food, it makes a decent gravy when mixed with warm water...and their fur is shiney and thick...Bo had a bald spot on his shoulder that was caused by a bug bite as a puppy...within a month of going off purina dog chow to Canidae, he has 90% of that hair back...
both of my dogs are on Wellness and are doing great on it,If for some reason it doesn't work out Canidae was my next choice. Have to ask Does anyone else use Wellness?
I also feed Canidae ALS.  Both of my dogs are doing really well on it.  Felix had loose stools (held shape but soft) for the longest time, but has firmed up now.  I think it may be unrelated to the food and more to do with him b/c of some health issues he had when I got him.
lulu, I would try wellness - I especially like the look of the new Core food they have out, but it is a lot more expensive than Canidae here, and are about the same quality so I just never bought it.
I also decided to go with Canidae after TONS of research. I never realized there were so many different kinds of dog food out there, and I was shocked when I found out Iams isn't all that great. I thought it was about the best you could get next to Eukanuba.  Canidae seems to be the most common high quality food people use. I was surprised to see my local farm store (Big R) had 5 of the "good" brands, so i'll start out with Canidae and go from there.
I did a pretty thorough study of dog foods comparing their quality rankings (from and their cost.  Canidae and Chicken Soup were the winners.  

I fed Lola Canidae for about 6 months, she did very well on it.

Great dog food at a reasonable price.
As most know Royal Canin makes a special mix for Boxers once they turn 15 months. Anyhow even if you don't like the food they have a nice video to see a couple of boxers with long tails and normal ears. I found this researching food... Boxer Video <click>

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