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finally downloaded pictures from Lure Course

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Some of you may have seen these but there are so many new members, I thought I would share.  These are from the rescue boxer bash in Oct. 07 when Kiah was running the lure course.

Her ears are flying in this one

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Kiah is absolutely beautiful.  We just bought a boxer puppy for the first time and I have to be honest I am so excited.  I am learning so much about boxers and am thrilled to have some place to go to read real life experiences.
Kiah looks like she's having lots of fun....she obviously loves to run!
She looks like a good runner..
I remember those pics!!! Lol, that first one is great Barb, Kiah and the flying ears :) She sure had a good time
It was amazing to see all of the boxers running after the lure (just a plastic bag).  There was a long line and everytime the lure was released, all of the boxers got excited, were barking and trying to get in there so they could get it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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