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Finally got a few Xmas pics

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Here are a few pics from X-mas....We did finally find a butterscotch pony for my daughter and my favorite pic is Fiona looking at the Butterscotch pony.  It was so funny when she came around in the room and saw that thing, she freaked out when it would move and all her hair was standing on end....:)  Also, my daughter got her hamster so we now have another living pet in the house.....


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Wanted to also include this one, which I find super funny too.  I have talked to a few people about how fast these little girls grow up now days.  Here is mine trying to "be sexy" with her new purse and ear rings :)  :lol:  :cry:  :wink:


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Nice pics!!!!!! Looks like ya'll had a really good Christmas!!! Hope ya'll have a great New Year!!!!
Great pics Sharon. Your daughter is such a cutie and Fiona looks like she's unsure about her new horse friend! lOL
Lol Sharon, your daughter in that last pic trying to look grown up is too much....Loved the one of Fiona "eyeing" the pony, that is a classic....I think she still misses her pig friend :lol:
Madison is looking so grown up in the last picture, so cute and Fiona with the horse is so cute.  Kiah would act the same.
Very good pics :)
Happy New Year, great pics! What does Price think of the hamster (who's pretty cute btw)? Our fat cats are so lazy they didn't even notice one time when our Poffles hamster made the great escape! Found him wandering aimlessly amongst the 4 cats!
DonnersMom";p="62603 said:
What does Price think of the hamster (who's pretty cute btw)?

Neither Price or Fiona seem to worried about the hamster (Princess).  He comes out a few times a day in the rolling ball thing and Price will follow her from room to room watching pretty close, but does not attempt to get to close.  Fiona will go and sniff the ball and roll her around and Fiona also likes to sit and watch her while she is in her cage.  So far so good.  My daughter also got the hamster play pen for her room, but neither Fiona or Price are allowed in there while it is in there...
LOL How funny! LOL Looks like she had a great christmas! lol
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