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Finally pics of Chloe =)

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Finally bought a camera today!! Heres some pics of her sporting her Old Navy Jacket that she just HATES  :)

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that is sooo cute!
Ahh look at miss chloe!! just as beautiful as ever
Well hey there stranger! lol Either you haven't been online in a while or your on when I'm not. She's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Great pics... I love the last one! LOL
Awww, there's that pretty girl....Woo Hoo, some new Chloe pics!!! I love em Shari...That second one, with the hood up is really cute....Lol, bet she likes that better than the Shrek outfit from Halloween  :lol:
Chloe is looking so good, love the second to last picture where she is looking up at the camera so we can see her cute face.
Wow she's looking great Shari , such a pretty girl. It has been WAY too long since we've seen pics  :wink:

I love the two where she's laying on her side, she's probably least if I lay down it might make this photo shoot more bearable. Love the jacket btw...
Love the whatever she is wearing..LOL...It is cute love the pooooofy
She is just so beautiful! I love her jacket even if she doesn't! LOL!

Aww, she looks so cute!
There's that happy little Chloe face  :lol: The second one isn't a very happy face, but the coat is tooo cute!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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