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ITS NOT SUMMER ANYMORE!!!!! :cry: I was outside watching a football game and i froze to death!! It was horrible, soon the girls wont want to go outside so today we had some time outside  :) Awhile ago i got THE best invention ever! It looks something like this one --   but it collapses into a smaller size for putting it away. Tink LOVES fetching, which i didn't know till lately so she had a blast, Maddy cannot see where the ball is going, i think the movement is too fast for her. And well blue gets trampled every time he goes near a ball. So its officially Tinks toy.

I felt a little mean though, There are so many leaves on the group and the ball is orange and blue so you can barely see the blue and it kind of blends into the ground.. well tink had the HARDEST time when i would throw it into a pile of leaves.. but yet i kept doing it.. haha too funny to see the look on her face trying to find it.

Sleeping for now..

Looking for the ball in the leaves.. hehe


After being outside so late, the guard dogs  :lol:

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