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Finding a new Sister..... Long...Sorry!

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Well, my husband and I have been thinking about getting Blue a little sister for sometime now.  So last night we took our first step.  We have been looking at the local animal shelters and humane society since there are over 200 dogs and puppies at the Humane Society we went there first.  We were hoping that we could help out a dog in need rather than buying a puppy.  Well, I don't think it worked out in our favor.  Almost all the dogs we picked out in the book, had some pit bull in them.  Now since the wonderful Michael Vick case a lot cities and towns here around Cleveland have an ABSOLUTE ban on pit bulls, even if the dog is only 1% pit.  Anyway.... Because of that it narrowed our search down to 4 beautiful little girls.  The first one was less than 1% pit, but looked like a miniture pit bull, so we figured we couldn't get that past the neighbors.  The second one was a shepard mix and while visiting her she had 4 accidents in adoption room.  The third was an absolute beautiful cattle dog mix, and the fourth was a white puppy mix (they had no idea about any of the breeds in her).  So we decided to introduce Blue to the last two.  They took us to a private house where it would just be Dave, Blue, Kristen (Adoption Counsler), Annabel(white puppy), and Me.  Blue wanted absolutely no part of this!  After they greeted each other and I was petting Annabel, Blue went after her.  So we figured she wouldn't work.  So Kristen brought in Halle (cattle dog mix), and Blue's reaction was the exact same.  

We really would like to get another dog, but we don't understand what's going on with Blue.  He has never acted like that.  We have him in obedience classes every Saturday with other dogs, and he loves playing with them.  We take him to the dog park weekly and we spend a couple hours each time we go.  He has NEVER acted like he did last night.  I have told Dave that I think we would be better off trying to introduce a puppy to Blue rather than a dog.  We were in the pet store once and a woman with a french bulldog puppy wanted to play with Blue.  Blue laid down and allowed to puppy to crawl all over him, even nibble at his ears without barking or nibbling back.  What do you think we should do?  

I know I ask alot of questions on here and I truly appreciate all the help and advice I get from this website.  Without you guys I don't know if Blue would be as good as he normally is!  Thanks again for everything..... ^:)^
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well if blue isn't usually aggressive towards dogs like that, then you'll have to trust his feelings on the dogs you looked at. There was probably just something about them that Blue didn't like.
Keep looking eventually you'll find the right match.
Sometimes dogs are not just going to get along with some dogs, while other dogs they are fine.  Hanna is like that.  I was horrified and thought she was an "aggressive" dog.  However there are certain dogs and situations that she just does not do well with - so we avoid those.  Others are fine.  

I think you just need to find the right dog with the right temperment for Blue.   It may take some time, but I am sure you will find one he will love!
As what was said before me, I guess the dogs that you have introduced to Blue just weren't the right match. Another thing is, some boxers, believe it or not, do better as an only dog. That is not a bad thing, fortunately boxers do just great as an only dog. As long as they have their humans, some don't need another dog in the house.
If you are set on getting another dog, just keep introducing, maybe there is a match out there for Blue.  :)
Maybe there was a smell to those dogs from being in the shelter that Blue was uncomfortable with.  I firmly believe that when the time is right you will find the right sister for Blue; just hang in there.
I know, I was just so shocked at the way he acted!  I know it's going to take awhile, in the back of my head I just hoped it would work with the first dog we picked.  We started looking now in hopes that by March or April we will find a sister.  So I guess we're on the right path.... Thanks again for all the help
I too think it might have been a smell from the dogs and the fact that there were so many other dog scents on them from the shelter.  I know that after we would take our dogs (all three) to the vet (they were completely fine there, no aggression against other dogs, etc.) and come home they would sometimes get mad at each other over nothing and it was just after we got back and let them out in the yard to potty.  The only thing we could think of was the other smells on them from other dogs at the vet.  Now when we come back from the vet they all get baths and there isn't any problem.  

I also know that each time we introduced a new dog to our house (two were rescues and two have been puppies) it takes some time for them to get used to each other.   The dogs we had at the time didn't always like the new dog and it took several days to get them used to each other.

I am sure when you find the right one you will know it!
The first meetup I went to I just had Samson and I was totally horrified and embarrassed at how Samson reacted...He was soo defensive of all the dogs, we ended up leaving after barely an hour...Now I realize that he just doesn't do well in situations with multiple dogs, especially 15 or so high energy young Boxers  :lol: One on one he is great, especially with puppies..I say all this so you can see it's not so much that Blue doesnt like other dogs, he is just particular....Lol...Keep at it and keep looking, you will find a good match for him.....
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