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Fingers crossed!

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I've been in contact lately with the trainer we took Donner to, she was wonderful to work with and she loved Donner to pieces! Just found out a few minutes ago that she may have a cancel in her class starting Feb 26th. She won't have another until Sept so I'm really hoping this works out. If not, she offered private or semi private classes so Blitz and I will hopefully be having a girls night out for a few weeks! It's a great opportunity,Bev is a trainer/behaviorist and has been for 25+ years. Her classes are very informative and her insights into dog behavior are very helpful. I'm sooo excited and wanted to share. Please keep fingers/paws crossed the class works out.  :lol:
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There is nothing better than finding a trainer that you like/respect.  Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Ditto what Barb said....Keeping everything crossed that you & Blitz are able to go to school  :)
oo thats wonderful !!! hope it works out sounds like it just might...whooo hooo
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