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Hey she is alot better this morning......
Thanks for all the good feeling vibes.....Guess we just had a 24 hr bug of some sort.....This morning we have normal temp, went out for a normal pee and poop, she has eaten her breakfast and is currently Boxer Burning through the Kitchen and Living Room and back to aggrivating the cat along her path :p
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Oh, I'm so happy to hear that!! I was just thinking about her this morning and decided to jump on here to see if there was an update.  :D
Glad to hear Fiona is feeling better!  :)
Sorry she was sick!  Happy to hear that she's feeling all better and back to the boxer burn!! :D
So glad to hear she is feeling better!!!  It's scares you to death when they get sick, doesn't it?
[quote="spoiledrottenboxers\";p=\"14659":2zjw90uz]So glad to hear she is feeling better!!!
Yea, Fiona is feeling better...Mine have had days that they just are out of sorts, but after 24 hrs, return to their normal silly selves...Glad she is better tho and it wasn't anything serious...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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