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first heat..precautions

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I think Gaby is strating to come into season, I've noticed that her vulva seems to be swollen and she seems to lick more often and has a decressed appetite....So other then the obvious precautions like not letting her out of my site while outside and keeping her on leash at all times from other topics I have red on here, should I totally avoid walks on the beach or were there may be unfixed males around?...would there be a chance to intercept if a male should happen to come around us?...I will be getting her spayed after this first heat, and I definitely do NOT want any accidents to happen...
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I definately would keep her home till this passes. One of the things I noticed about my female when she went into her cycle, was..she literaly became a real Bitch!! I almost would venture to tell you that if an un-neutered male came around..if it were my first female..she would have tried to rip his throat out.
I kept her in the house, went outside with her everytime..and she didn't get to go for walks for almost 16 days...( oddly enough, I was told, every females fertile period is different..some are ovulating almost from day one of the true bleeding..some much later in the cycle ) So I would rather you be safe then sorry!!
The boys undies things help alot to keep the house clean, and so does either a bit more crate time, or keeipng some blankets on the floor or furniture that you don't care about. Trust the time she is done you WILL be sick to death of the constant licking..poor babies..they are trying their best to stay clean, but Ohh can that sound get on your nerves!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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