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first heat..precautions

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I think Gaby is strating to come into season, I've noticed that her vulva seems to be swollen and she seems to lick more often and has a decressed appetite....So other then the obvious precautions like not letting her out of my site while outside and keeping her on leash at all times from other topics I have red on here, should I totally avoid walks on the beach or were there may be unfixed males around?...would there be a chance to intercept if a male should happen to come around us?...I will be getting her spayed after this first heat, and I definitely do NOT want any accidents to happen...
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I defintely wouldn't take her out.

Our girl Freya was going into heat when we got her. I have been around dogs all my life but they have always been spayed (or neutered).

We took our children to a local park one day and took Freya with us. There is also fenced in dog park there. We had barely got out of the car, which we had parked in the parking lot near the dog park, when I heard very loud yelling. An intact male was scaling over the six foot chain link fence surrounding the dog park :oops: . He came over it like it was nothing and was on top of Freya in an instant. Thankfully, she was not interested!

We turned around quickly, trying to get back to the car. My husband was shepherding three kids and I was dragging an unhappy Freya with a very interested Weimaraner close behind.

The dog's owner finally got out of the dog park and got her dog on a leash. He ended up pulling her off her feet and dragging her behind him :no: . I did not think it was funny at the time though I laugh about it now. I was sooo embarrassed :oops: ! I bet the Weimaraner's owner still doesn't find it funny all these years later :oops: .

Needless to say we didn't take her out of the house until she went out of season. Then she had false pregnancy which lasted weeks and she was just a mess. Carrying stuffed toys around and whining all the time. What a nightmare! We had her spayed as soon as we could and I hope I never have to deal with another female in heat in my life.

It was a very unpleasant experience altogether :lol: .

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