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Flea control on puppies?

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What could I use on my almost 8 week old puppy to rid him of fleas? I was reading about apple cidar vinegar in their water daily, and also using brewers yeast supplements. Has anyone had any good results with these? What else could I try? I was looking at some products at a couple different pet stores and everything that they had were for dogs 9 weeks and older. Thanks for the help.

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Advantage allows you to put it on at 8 weeks
Take a look at the Natural Remedies under Health in the forums list.  It is a sticky so it should be easy to find.
I use Frontline Plus because its waterproof...
i have never had to use flea control, either they arent here in the part of texas i am in, or Harley just ahs never had one. but i do knwo some you can use like frontline when they are puppies.
Apple cidar vinegar added to the water can accomplish a couple things, it helps with flea control, plus with tear stains..I had some success with it in the past, but I just didn't feel it protected well enuf..Here in the south, I also worry about mosquitos, so I like K9 Advantix...Brewers yeast is also real good for flea control, I used that for years with my cat and worked great. I did find with my boxers tho, that it gave them more gas...Ugh, but it is very effective...It will take awhile for any natural remedy to start working, so keep that in mind...
I use K9 Advantix on Fiona and have seen no fleas, also she gets a bath once a week so no problems so far with it holding up to water
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