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Flea Prevention?

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Newt has never had fleas until this past month, shes on Heartguard for Heartworms but Im not sure what to use for fleas, I was told there is a pill now out for fleas, was just wondering if any of you use this, Im not too sure of side effects or what it really does to her insides. We had a pool put in and we are awaiting sod. I think stray cats and such are bringing the fleas to the yard another problem I have is what do I use to treat yard being Newt loves to taste everything out there?... I need some advise  Thank you :)
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I use garlic as a supplement to my kids food for fleas.  With flea/tick prevention, I try to take a more holistic approach then the chemical topical treatments offered by some vets.
Holistic such as...? What works for you? I am interrested in knowing ( for the yard ) :)
TY for the tip!
It works for me so far, however some area's may have more of an issue.  But to me not having to put a chemical on the coat of my dog is worth it.   So far been doing it a year, two dogs no fleas and only 2 ticks!  (KNOCKING ON WOOD)
I use flea free, and I believe they also have a yard spray.
Here is the info on the new "flea pill" from a previous post a while back...... ... =flea+pill

I use Frontline Plus and Advantixx and switch off between them........
we use frontline plus but summer here in hawaii is crazy with fleas so we use garlic also...and it works wonderful !!! i go on and off with the frontline..i ahte putting stuff on them ..also b/c they swim alot and whats the sense? lol but garlic really does works incredible !
I use frontline plus also. It works against fleas and ticks. Very effective.
I have heard about garlic before but was afraid to use it because I was told it was toxic. I am currently using frontline plus. If anyone has more information on garlic i would appreciate it.
Is fresh garlic necessary?  Whats the necessary dosage?  I give Oggie Welltabs (Wellness multi-v) which contains garlic but I'm not sure if I trust it to be enough.

I can't stand the chemical flea prevention stuff, it gets all over the furniture and my clothes.
Garlic is not toxic if fed within reason.  Many people assume it is because its a close relative to the onion which we know is bad,  But look up garlic for dogs and you will it really has some good used for them:)
I've used Sentinel which is for heart worm and fleas on my previous Boxer Sexy, and have never found or seen any fleas on her...Now on Gaby I've been using Revolution, which protects against and kills fleas and ticks, but I'm very interested in the garlic method, so I'm gonna look into it more because I would prefer using something natural instead of chemical
There are so many articles out there just do a yahoo search for holistic flea garlic dogs   you will get tons of hits and many articles.  One less chemical on/in my dog is my goal:)
thanks for the info.. I am all for natural. the less chemical the better.
Thank you all so very much for the advice! I do use frontline but I try not to use it alot, I think my main worry is my yard, there is a place here celled Bull Run so I may have to check out to see what they have is safe for yard sprays. Thing is Newt loves to taste test everything in the back yard, I have 16 Oak trees back there so you can imagine the size... not to metion squirrels and racoons and stray cats, even though I have a privacy fence! I am thinking this is where she gets the fleas... Oh woe is I even had a pool put in to take up some space and be able to keep her busy in the summer. She loves to swim! Once again I thank you all!
You may also want to check out I give Allie Garlic and Brewer's Yeast tablets.  Because she is allergic to fleas most of the flea preventatives do not work on her, so I just went holistic.  The only product that does work on her is Frontline Plus.  You can also make a garlic spray for the yard.  Do the search as Hannah suggested and you'll probably come across it. us..(including many neighbors) are inondated with FLEAS !!! coming from outside..

so i am talking to a friend yesterday that works for a pest control place and she tells me that here and another base have used something in the stuff they put in all the grass here in all these new houses..that ATTRACTS FLEAS !!!!!!!!!!! and they have been called to spray numerous places...

but housing swears they know nothing about it !!! yet HERE , where we live this company has 7 clients in the last 2 months...all with same issue and its been tested...boy im tellin you id give up this new house to go back to the old one if they hadnt torn it down haha..

SO...frontline plus AND mixing garlic in food...NOT WORKING..

talk about frustrating...and my dogs are only out in the yard at the most 20 minutes at a time..and rarely EVER lay down on the grass..and we have wood floors so the fleas have no choice but to jump on the cats & dogs..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

bought brewers yeast tabs today..hoping that will help..
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