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we have fleas...still...

we have used biospot, hartz, spot on...some spray stuff...nothing's getting fustrating...

we cannot flea bomb the house due to fish tanks running

what should we do?  We cannot afford the more expensive advantage/advantix etc medications right now as i am not working...
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A long time ago I had a dachshund who somehow got out of the backyard. He was gone for 5 days with us unable to find him. Somehow..on the 6th night, he found his way back into the backyard and my husband let him back in like he was only outside for a quick potty break. it was pretty strange lol. Anyways...that night, he was laying with me on the couch, and I noticed a flea jump onto my arm. It was gross and creepy. I didn't know what to do, so I just put him in the tub and gave him a good bath. Used his shampoo twice, made sure to scrub and rinse well. and that was enough to get rid of the fleas.
I thought it was supposed to be harder than that, so I kept checking him days after, but never saw another one on him. so maybe just a few good baths will help you as well?
I've done baths..they get baths 2 times a month or so...keep the shampoo on for 10 minutes each time..they go away for a day if I'm lucky...then right back at it...I think that for some reason these meds are not working on Jetta...not sure why...they work great on my mom's dogs...and seem to work decently on Bo...just Jetta is having an issue with them...Bo has a couple here and there....but not to the extent Jetta does..I pull 10 or so off of Jetta every single day...maybe 1 or 2 off of Bo every other day...It's crazy!
I am amazed that fleas would still be around with all that snow. I know down here we have had issues when it is warmer but never in the cold months! Maybe you should contact an exterminator. They might have something new on the market for homes with fish tanks. I know I have a pond in my backyard and we have to be careful when spraying anything because of the fish.
tried Front Line?
front line is in that too expensive while I am not working category, lol...I've been really sick the last few months and have only work...7 or 8 days since beginning of december...
Call your vet, you should be able to buy just a tube of frontline etc., instead of the whole pack. Well under $20.
Go to a pet store consult with someone on a safe bomb for fish.  Maybe you can cover your tank, move it temp.   You need to get the out of the house before you can get rid of them.

Also try holistic remedies like garlic etc.  Lot cheaper than topical stuff.
It is also a good idea to treat the area they are going outside to go to the bathrrom.  FLeas are horrid little creatures but you can get rid of them....It starts with a 3 step program.  Treat the house, treat the yard and treat the dogs.  It is easier when you can use a product like Frontline or something that is a little stonger then the OTC stuff, but if you cant then I would start with the yard and the house so that way you can control the number they pick up and make it easier to control getting them off.  One tip is that rubbine alcohol kills fleas so when you get ready to do a flea check have some on cotton balls and when you see a flea dab it, it will die....
Can't you let someone take care of your fish?  I means thats brutal, fleas in the house....I wouldn't be able to sleep.  I'd be sitting there scratching
I found adog that was covered with fleas.  I went to the vet they gave my something called a cap star that killed the adult fleas on the dog.  The cap star was only like $2.00.  Then a spray bottle of frontline was only like $15.00.  The bottle will last a long time.
G's hard to have someone "take care" of 2 10 gallon tanks and a 90 gallon tank, lol...not just something you can pack up and move, lol...90 gallons is about 1/2 ton, lol
They also have products similiar to this one that are safe to use around tanks.
My apologies, I didn't realize you lived at the aquarium   :lol:'s hard to have someone "take care" of 2 10 gallon tanks and a 90 gallon tank, lol...not just something you can pack up and move, lol...90 gallons is about 1/2 ton, lol
My apoligies, yep kinda hard to move those  :wink:
I haven't noticed fleas on our two.  I found 1 on Sadie in November, but that's it.  I usually don't give them Frontline from around October or November until March.  If they continue to return and Jetta is only out to potty, then there in your home.  Carpet, beds, etc.  They do make powders that you can put down on your carpets and vacuum up that are suppose to kill fleas.  If Jetta sleeps in a crate, put the crate close to an outlet, fill a plate with some water and put a night light closeby.  You should be able to see the fleas jumping!  Can you ship medicine like Frontline?  I'm sure somebody here would donate a tube to help out.  Find out and send me a pm, if you can legally ship a tube, I'll see if I have any left.  If so, I'll mail you one.

I feel your pain; not being able to get rid of those nasty fleas is madding!
We used Advantix all summer and still had 3-10 fleas per night we combed out of our Dakota. When using these flea poisons you cannot wash your pet 2 to 3 days prior or after application or it won't work.
We sprayed the yard and vacuumed every day among other things and did not get rid of them until December.
The following are the things we did:

Wash pet and let a very nice lather of soap set on pet for a minimum of 15 minutes loner if possible, up to 30,  with very think lather around his neck so fleas won't run to the head. Massage the soap deep into the animal
will the mix still work with lavender oil?  I'm allergic to most flowery
Vacuum, vacuum , vacuum every day (including furniture), and empty the canister outside or change the bag everytime you vacuum (put bag in outside trashcan).  Otherwise, the fleas will simply hop out of the vacuum or inside trashcan and back into your house.  Good luck!
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