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Food... again!

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Wow, this is actually harder figuring out what to feed Freddie than it is cooking a meal every night for myself!

We changed him over to Skinners Ruff and Ready because it claims it's good for dogs with difficulties holding sufficient weight and is also for working dogs. I've since found out that per 100g there's only 330 calories which sounds fairly low to me. His previous food was 415 calories per 100g.

Freddie is now coming up to 15 months old and weighs 25.6kg. He goes for a walk and run in the morning and then a mile long walk in the late afternoon. I'm not too concerned about his weight as such but I would like him to be a little bit heavier than what he currently is as you can see his ribs and feel his spine when you stroke him. The vet is also not concerned as he sees him as more of an athletic build rather than underweight.

Any ideas about his new food or anything else - am I simply worrying too much!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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