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Food...and what's up...

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Hey what's up everyone, it's been a little while for me.  My little guy, Ares, is doing fine, although we've had some issues throughout the past few months with a few things.  He's had a couple run ins with diarrhea and was to the vet.  So needless to say he's had a few diet changes and some expensive weeks of chicken and rice.  We finally found a good food though that I think agrees with his stomach very well, and he seems to LOVE to eat it.

It's Purina ONE for sensitive stomachs.  It's made with salmon and has yogurt in it.  Just wanted to let anyone know if their dog has a bad stomach to give that a try.


Anyway, he had to wear a wrap on his leg for 3 weeks because he had an infection between his toes.  He licked it and it got pretty big and red...but antibiotics and keeping him from licking it has made it go away.  I should have taken a picture but I didn't.  If it didn't go away on its own, they were going to have to do surgery...I'm glad they didn't have to.

Originally, they did a blood test on the thing and it came back negative for cancer or anything like that, although he bled all over the vets office when they sucked it with a syringe.  He was such a well-behaved young man though.

Oh well, just stopping in to see how everyone's doing.
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I remember the handsome Ares, glad to see you are still around. Sorry to hear he's had some health issues, the foot infection sounds painful, poor pup. Would love to see some updated pics :D
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