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food switch and gas

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I am in the process of switching Nita over from Alpo moist and meaty dry food to chicken soup for the dog lover-lg breed dry and canned.  I know it is pretty normal for dogs to have gas but she has gotten really stinky since I started the switch.  I am hoping that the gas is just from her system getting used to the new food and will subside once she is used to the new food.  She hasn't had any diarrhea or anything else to suggest the food doesn't agree with her other than the gas.  I am also hoping that by getting a better food the output will decrease as well.  I've never seen so much poo come out of one dog.  It almost seems like more is coming out than going in.  I can understand that though considering Alpo's first ingrediant is corn meal :-&  and no actual meat.  

Any suggestions?  I am thinking about getting some plain yougurt to help with the gas.  Anyone else go through a food transition?  How did it go?
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We had Jetta on Canidae for awhile, when we got Bo, we switched to Diamond Naturals Chicken and Rice as it was cheaper and still decent.  they have been on it for 2.5 months now...Jetta has horrible gas...constantly letting it loose, lol....stinky too...I heard yogurt helps, but can't really afford we deal with it...but...boxers are gassy to begin with, lol...and then the food swtich....and then their GI issues can all add to may just have to start wearing clothespins on your nose!
The yogurt works well! I had Seven eat wet food when he was sick, because he wouldnt eat dry while on meds. And peeeyouuuu!, his little rear end stunk! Maybe try eliminating the wet food. I just switched Sev over to Innova Evo and his gas was really really bad during the switch. Now about a month later from the switch when I do hear one escape from his butt it doesnt really stink at all :D . I would just wait it out to see how the gas is after Nita is switched for a while. Oh, and the poop will decrease hoards with the better food!
I would deffinately give the yogurt a try, and give it a bit until she get's used to the new food.....and yes I agree, crappy food means lots of poopoo
because the body is only consuming what is good and discharging the rest.....luckily Gaby has virtually no gas, just the odd one just depends on the dog I guess, because my other boxer, Sexy was a very gassy girl despite the fact that I feed her good food, wish i would have known about the yogurt at that time...
Definitely try the yogurt and yes it very well could be that she is needing a bit of time to get used to the food...How are you transitioning her food? I usually do 1/4  new & 3/4 old the first week, 1/2 & 1/2 the second week, then 3/4 new & 1/4 old the third week.. I actually give mine yogurt pretty regularly, like a teaspoon with their kibble
Does anyone know if freezing the yougurt will kill the good bacteria in it?  I was thinking of making her frozen yogurt kong-sicles to keep her busy when she is in the crate for a short while.
Also give it some time.  Maybe the Gas is a sign of love for not being on the Alpo!   :lol:  :lol:
Yes Yogurt is a good dietary aid.  Good Luck and glad you have not had any runny dukes!!!
Britney had slight gas when I was using the small breed RC food but now that I have switched to large breed puppy RC she has no gas at all... Now she chews her food becasue the peices are bigger which means she slows down from swolling it fast.  I do believe with pushed in face breeds the shape and size of the kibble is important becasue it makes them have to chew more than just swollow it down with one gulp....
I understand that soy in food can cause gas for some dogs.  Not sure what's in the food you're using.  We used Gas-X if my dog got really uncomfortable, but ran it by the vet each time.  There were other GI problems so we watched for bloat.
I have just switched Meg's & Zeus' food to Nature's Recipe "Healthy Skin" Venison Meal & Rice because of an allergy with Meg. She was always itching and constantly "eating" her paws. The itching has stopped, but OMG the smell. Now, they always did have an issue with gas, but never like this.  I have heard here that yogurt seems to help and would like to give it a try.  Anyone have any suggestions as to the how much and how often?
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