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for all you who have more than one boxer

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how long between boxers did you wait?

Harley is 4 months old and i want another boxer sooooo badly. of course im taking my time and looking into it very well and making sure i play it smart.. but is it too soon for me to get harley a friend??

i have found myself FALLING IN LOVE with the whites and bridles on here.
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Well we had got a pup back in Sept 06 and she was taken from our backyard in Jan of 07. We waited 2 months before looking into getting another boxer. this time when i was looking for pups i came across Savannah. Her "breeder" was trying to find a home for her since she wasnt able to be bred. She had developed a small heart murmur after her first litter. I fell in love with the girl and she came home with us about 2 wks later. with the way Savannah acted (scared of everything and one) we figured maybe bringing a playmate in would help her. my bf found Reese in late april. looking back we probably should have gone with an older pup/dog....Reese was about 12 wks or so.....b/c Reese was so impressionable that she took on Savannah's fear instead of bringing her out of her shell.  sooooo, now that i shared our life story..... :lol: we didnt wait long on our decision. Prior to these girls though i had only owned one boxer at a time.
I got Jetta at 6 weeks...we got Bo when Jetta was between 3.5 and 4 months old..he was 9 months...they do great together now and are inseperable (there were a few scary moments the first few days...Bo establishing dominance and such)...I love having the two of em because they entertain each other now and don't need me to constantly entertain her
well harley is 4 months old and he LOVES the other dogs when we go looking at the flea markets .. he does fine with them as far as that goes.. im wanting to get another one in a few months. just scared that itll be too soon with harley being (by that time) 6 months old
Well, Mic and Indy came together(ok...we PLANNED Mic and then went back a week later and found they still had Indy and brought him home!LOL!) When they were about 6 months old, we brought home Pua...they LOVE eachother...we like the craziness...they are only 4 months in age, when they are all over a won't be very obvious that there IS an age diff!LOL! (Come to think of it...maybe we are the wrong people to ask! We love chaos...

Good luck...I think your first baby is a good age...we wanted our older ones to still be playful pups...I think it's a personal choice!
Well mine weren't puppies when I got them but I go Mo in Jan of last year and then got Niko in Aug.  Mo is 2 yrs and Niko is 3 yrs.  I think having 2 is wonderful!  I love them sooo much that I'm looking to get a 3rd.  I'm waiting for a liter to be born at the end of this month.  Both of mine are fawns and I really want to add a brindle to the family.  This time I want a puppy since niether of mine were pups when I got them.  I say when ever you feel ready go for it.  They make wonder playmates for each other.  Good luck to ya!
I got Summer (4-5 YRS) In July and then got Molly (13 WKS) In December.
I got my first boxer a girl named Dixie Diana in Feb. 1999 when she was 7 weeks old.
We adored her and thought she might like to have a playmate.
So we got Brittany in May of 1999 when she was 8 weeks old.
They loved each other and were the best of friends. They did everything together...played, ate, slept.
Unfortunately cancer took Dixie in 2006 at the age of 7 years.

Poor Brittany has missed her so very much...Brittany will soon be 9 years old.
We just got Izzy last week, she is an 8 week old boxer girl.
Brittany is curious about her and keeps an eye on her, but I don't leave them alone together yet. Brittany can be a bit jealous at times so we are taking it slowly.
Sampson was 1.5 yrs. when we got Lucy who was 6 mos. old at the time. It has worked out real well. He is still young enough to keep up with her and they get plenty of exercise. It is a bit crazy but we don't have any skin kids so it works for us.
Buck was a year and a half when we brought Tia home, who was 9 mos...Of course Samson was 10 when we brought Angel home at 18 mos...I think if you are considering a second one, first read the post from Nickntito, there was some good advice in there, but to sum it up, my suggestion, have your boxer fairly well trained before bringing in a second one, unless you are a stay at a home mom and have the time to really devout to 2 puppies, cos it is a lot of work...I had my hands full with Angel & I cannot imagine how I would have dealt with 2.....
We got Maddy when she was 8months and had her for probably about 6 months before bringing home Baxter!
Initially my husband and I only wanted 1... but then we fell in love with the last 2 puppies of the litter and could not choose / separate them.  Growing up I had 1 dog, a Doberman / Shepard mix and always felt bad for her b/c she seemed so lonely.  I am 100% happy w/ the decision we made to get 2 dogs.  They play with each other non-stop... snuggle 24/7... and entertain themselves playing when I've got to do housework or go to work during the day.  Just recently they've started to show a little selfishness I guess you could say when I'm playing w/ one and not the other :) Silly puppies----

Hope this helps in your decision.  

I would wait a tad longer.  I would want Harley to be fully housebroken and have knowledge of basic commands.  Harley will need to be a role model for the new pup!
Unless you get a pre owned dog that knows the basic commands and is housebroken...then maybe that dog could help with harley
I would wait IMO - Harley is 4 months and I know you have had some training and eating issues with him since your post.   IMO wait get him all situated, understand behavors as well as the breed.   There is 100% guarantee your next pup will have the same temperment so better to be prepared then to spread yourself thin.

We got Kash when Hanna was 1.3 years old.  I would have waited more, but he came and it was VERY difficult and still is at times with Hanna approaching 2 in March and him at 8 months.   I think its like having two todlers!!!   However, in my 1.3 years of having Hanna before kash I learned soooooo much, that when I got Kash it was a lot easier!!!   Everyday is a learning experience with itself, but best to be ready than over your head.  And its tough because they are soooo darn cute!!!

I always advise to get your 1 years out of the way - mainly because its the most expensive!!!  Shots, Vets, training, toys, supplies, finding the right food.   After about a year, you know what the deal is, and then can go into another first year of a new guy - more Vets, Food, etc.   So good luck:)
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thx all.... i want to be perpared when/ if i get a second boxer. and yes ive had problems with harleys food.. and FINALLY have it straight.. as it turned out at the vet he had an ear infection and he just kept digging at it causing the scabs..

but i know what you mean and i want to be prepared.. i was waning to get him one in the next few months.. around age 6-8 months.. but not 100% for sure yet if i will even be getting another.. just a thought.. of course i want harley to be 100% housebroken and get the puppy classes out of the way first.

lots to consider.. i was just curious the age diffrence between your babies
There is some great advice from everyone.  When we had three there was a pretty big span on the ages, the oldest was around 9 when we got a puppy (hoping the oldest would train the puppy).  It worked out very well because the puppy gave the middle one someone to play with and the oldest was able to help train the puppy.  

Ours now are almost 7 and 2 and the young one keeps the older one on her toes.  She plays so much more now and it keeps her fit.  They keep each other entertained.

One suggestion would be to look into rescue to find a boxer a little older who needs a home and who could help train your little one.  Reputable rescues will tell you the behavior of the dog and how it gets along with other animals.  Our rescue was wonderful.
One suggestion would be to look into rescue to find a boxer a little older who needs a home and who could help train your little one.
I want to get another one...Duke will be 1 in a couple of weeks and I found this adorable boxer at a rescue closed to me but Adam said no more animals.  We already have two dogs and two cats, so I guess I will just be looking at pictures for now.
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