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free boxers in ky

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k... i was just looking at boxers in the classifieds, just to look a pics of puppies... im ridiculous lol and i came across this... idk if they are still there but if anyone lives in this area and is looking for a boxer, i thought this would be good

free boxers
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I hope they find good homes, only 2.5 years old and already has had 2 litters. I'm surprised one of them has been spayed.
OMG.. these babies are located 10 min from where i live. i emailed them to see if they found a home yet.. i still havent found the right boxer for harley..
but i emailed for info anyways
they are adorable! i am glad that they are trying to re home them but it always bothers me that people will move to a place that does not include their animals.and brandi, maybe one them is the right one for you and harley, let us know that goes, good luck! i did have to lol at the ad though  i noticed that the boxers are 'ACK' registered, a simple letter switch but kinda funny
Brandi, really look them over well if you go see them ok? I am a bit concerned that the one female has already had 2 litters and is only 2 1/2, that is rather young..Hoping it works out tho....
i agree that is a lot of puppies for such a young dog but some people are just ignorant of what they are doing. Brandi if you could get one and give it a good home where it wont have to be bred that would be a good thing i think. Just make sure they are healthy and get along with Harley
They are rather young for breeding IMO.  From the list, I'd be most interested in the one that has been spayed.
How can people not take thier pets with them,  I could never not take Tyson with me.  I don't get it.
I would be cautious as well. if breeding had been done properly the female and male wouldnt have been able to produce 2 & 3 litters. just pisses me off that people wont take their animals when the move.
[quote="JeepKuntry\";p=\"63888":3cyeqvhn]They are rather young for breeding IMO.
okay one thing that i noticed.. the add is 14 days old.. and they state that the dogs are only 2.5 years old.. but in the pic it was 2005 (unless maybe they didnt change the date on camera).. but if thats the case then the dogs are much older judging by looks than they say

not that i care to have an older dog .. but i just found that funny thing i can say....

Isis was 4 when we got her..that was her situation...someone used her as a puppy machine..4 years they (neighbors & witnesses) said shed had atleast 4 litters...the guy got sick of her or i dontknow what and dumped her off on a back street in downtown ( someone saw him)

she was emaciated to 17 lbs and very sick !!

now shes 6,fixed, 80 pounds and healthy !! ( well besides the dam mushrooms!!!!)

so with all she went through shes in great dont discount the unfixed one :DIsis is WONDERFUL...a God send..
im going to meet all 3 of them IF he/she still have them... no email yet.. but most ppl work.. if i dont hear anything by tonight i may call.. its not long distance for me.. and it would only take me 5-10 min to meet him some place.

i of course cant take them all but i will let harley pick.. :wink:
is it me or does the one laying down look weird? see the extra skin on the side? poor thing looks kind of small and sad :(  and the other 2 look so perky ,ears done and taken care of...

i hope you can get one...wish i was closer jeez mainland i know id have 4 more hahahaha
The one laying down does look alittle weird.
i hope they still have one for u brandi... i saw them and i knew there were some kentucky ppl and ohio ppl... i hope they find good homes either way
i sure do too...crossing our paws for you Brandi....and Soccer im so glad you posted that !!! maybe you helped even one find a good home :D
yeah the one on the ground HAS to be the spay one.. because the one thats had puppy's is bridle.. and the male he said was musclar

poor girl.. if he has her ill check her out first.
okay i just called their home number and no one answered .. ill try again in a few hours... the ad is 14 days old so id say they have been rehomed already.. i hope they went to good homes.. that little girl looks so very sad :cry:
ugh... i wanna know if they have them... cause it is soo close to u
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