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We just recently brought home our very first boxer pup, Ruby, and her big sister is not adjusting well.  Dottie, our 8yo Jack Russell, is very bent out of shape over the new addition.  You can see that she really wants to play with Ruby, but the minute the pup gets too close, she snarls and barks until Ruby goes sulking away.  Now, if Dottie goes up to Ruby to sniff and whatnot, she wags her tail all excited!  I understand it will take some time until she accepts her...she's been the only dog in our family her whole life, so I'm not pushing the issue.  Just wondering if there is anything I can do to help them get along.  I make sure to pet, feed, play etc...with Dottie first, so that she knows she's not being replaced, but so far, no luck.  Any tips?  Thanks!
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I'm sorry . . . I'm not much help in this case.  Maybe there are some previous threads you can read through? :?
Just give her time.  Right now she's not sure what to think of the new pup.  Time and patience will win this battle.  Also try training them together, that will likely help.

Liz and Lilly
We had that problem with our Lab when we brought Chance home...but 2 weeks later and they wont leave each others sides!!! Good luck they will adjust!!
give it time, im sure she will come around.
When you have a pet, either dog or cat and they are used to being "the big cheese", it's normal for them to take some time to adjust...When we brought Angel home in Feb at 16 mos, Samson my 10 yr old just wasn't real sure about this idea of Momma's...He kept his distance and was a bit standoffish actually. Fast forward to now, and they are the best of friends, sure he can't keep up with her, but he loves her to death! Give it time and always make sure that Dottie, gets treats first, fed first, everything, she needs to maintain her status as the number one dog  :)
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