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Frisbee pics

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today we went to the park to play frisbee.  Duke had a blast.

He is completely off the ground in this pic

Me and Duke

pictures are from a camera on a cell phone so sorry about the quality.  BUt i had to share bc I was so proud of Duke today!
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Good Job Duke! Looks like you guys had fun....
Great pics! Wish Odin would catch the thing... he waits till it falls so he can pounce on it repeatedly! LOL

Looks like you guys had LOADS of fun!! Thanks for sharing with us!
Lol, Angel loves her frisbees too, but like Odin, waits for them to fall...Great pics, looks like Duke had a blast....
Looks like Duke had a blast!
Looks like you had great time.  Have to add Kiah to the group that waits until it falls to pick it up.
looks like fun and great exercise, I'm gonna get a frisbee for Gaby this summer at the beach :D, should be lots of fun!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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