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From mississippi the boxer crew pics as promised.

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Here are my boxer crew from mississippi as promised.

Ami (Aw mi)


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They are just lovely!  All those brown pups! :D
what a great lookin pack of fawn beauties! :D
Thank you    we sure do think so....  :wink:
What a good looking crew you have!  :D
Where did you get Ami?  Did he come from Texas?
awww they are all so cute...makes me want more to start my own little pack!
how old are they all?
What a great looking group....Where in MS are you?
Beautiful boxers, would love to see more pictures.
Your babies are lovely....All those pretty fawn Boxers, love em  :)
To answer all questions, We live in Cedar bluff, its next to starkville or West Point, Mississippi. Brutus is 3 , Dixie is 2, and Ami is 6 Months.  Ami is Dixie and Brutus son.
Funny... My Youngeest Boxer is Named BRUTUS and his mama is named DIXIE...

That is kinda funny. Beautiful Fawna BTW
They are too cutie!  Brutus looks like my Buster!   :D
Great looking groups!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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