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frontline vs

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question...we always use frontline plus..once a month...well did the dogs dose a week ago..forgot and took them swimming the same day grrrrrrrrrrrrrr..isis has a few fleas lurking this morning....which obviously its 90 everyday so fleas are crazy here..outside...

i have 4 capstar tabs that ive had as backup in the cabinet...can i give them to them? or use the one frontline i have left between both dogs? since they just has a dose a week ago..even though they swam that day it still gets some in skin...

capstar is a pill & i think i remember with my goldens in mass..we gave 1 pill & 1 liquid on skin as flea & tick prevention..but i cant remember what brand the piill was...

anyone use capstar? or anyone know an answer lol? i can call my vet but its sunday and hawaii is weird lol..if its nice out and surf is good that really is REAL ..people dont work haha..
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ok lol surf must be flat today b/c vet answered haha..

they said capstar is jsut for immediate kill of fleas ON them right now kind of whats that mean a pill today and tomorrow? i have 4 pillls and threw away the box awhile back...& then do frontline again when its time?

my mind is twisted today too many clients wanting too many things at once since about 5 am...grrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Yeah I was gonna say... capstar is just for immediate affect... not long term use...  :D
Ky I would do the capstar for a quick kill on the fleas on them and then if they got wet the day you did the frontline it washed off so you can repeat the dose again without any problems......

Edit to say:  be sure to wait two days from being wet.....Frontline is two days before a bath and no bath (getting wet) two days after putting it on :)
:roll:mad: me.. ya i know Sharon hahahaha  and i ALWAYS wash them 4 days before to make sure they are clean and won t need a bath for atleast a good week be sure..i just totally forgot until the minute they hit the water...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..and then it hit me...haha

i did one capstar per dog this morning..i jsut cant remember for the life of me if its only one dose..or sorry im bogged down with work and am so tired..

looked again i have about 12 capstars and atleast 12 frontlines...for some reason the capstar box got tossed when we moved...neither dog is infested by any means...and the cats are both on frontline also..and both of them have no fleas..its jsut those few i saw on Isis..i was like oooooo boy !!

so that 2 capstar this morning was good enough and do the frontline ? jeez im rambling its late and i jsut got home...ya clients are fun when they wait until the last minute..grrrrrrrrrrr

thank you for the help :D i really appreciate it
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