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People often ask me what is the correct dosage for certain herbs so I thought I would post this link which outlines the basic information on dosages. Remember this is just a general rule, so do your own research and if you can't find specific information out there on a specific herb use this as a starting point.

Also please remember these precautions

Precautions When Using Herbal Treatment for Dogs

  • Herbs usually act much more slowly than Western medicines so do not expect any "quick-fix" from herbal treatments. In general, it takes at least 60 to 90 days after the beginning of herbal treatments to see any significant improvement in a pet's health conditions.

  • While herbs are, in many ways, better and more gentle to our pets than conventional medicines, it is not advisable to use herbs in the place of vet consultation, particularly in the event of a serious or life-threatening condition. In general, herbs are best used to support and improve the general physical wellbeing of our pets. Also, herbs are best used for treating chronic diseases and are not the preferred means of treatment in emergency situations.
  • It is important that we obtain the best quality herbs from reputable and trustworthy suppliers.
  • While there are lots of safe herbs for use in our pets, there are also some unsafe herbal treatments for dogs and cats (and other small animals). For more information, be sure to check out our pages on safe herbs for dogs and unsafe herbs for pets.
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