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Gentle Leader

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Has anyone ever used the gentle leader harnesses? We used to use the head collar but it gave Fredo a rash. He has been doing very well on the leash, however when we see another dog or person he starts pulling like crazy and the martingale collar was not doing the trick. I bought the stop pulling harness and so far so good. I was just wondering if anyone has had any success w/ it and if anyone has any tips regarding it's use. Thanks.
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i tried the gentle leader on sumya and i found to be more hindering than helping. all she did was scream and cry and trash around when it put it on her. it can also be very hard to properly position because of their  squarish ( not even sure that is a real word  :lol: )  muzzles, some say it i can impair the ability to properly breathe. but that was solely my experience with it. i suggest if you want to try it,  buy it from a store that has a satisfaction guarantee on their products.petsmart does, that is where i got mine from.
Hi Frodosmom, we have a gentle leader I use with Donner and he walks very well with it on. He's not very good with just a collar and leash. I would recommend one.
i did try the gentle leader headcollar..that's the one that gave him a rash. I recently bought the gentle leader harness...
Never tried the head collar we also have the harness and it works very well. :D  :D
After years of being pulled by a dog (83lbs) with a high prey drive, a trainer recommended the SENSE-ible (trademark) harness.  It was an amazing difference, maybe the leash attaching to the ring on his chest.  It's a light harness, and there were no areas that rubbed.  He didn't run away when I brought it out either.

Ann WI
We got Bruce the gentle leader and have had great results with it so far.
We use a gentel leader head peice and it amazing, she walks right beside me the whole time no pulling or trying to run after things. it took her a little getting used to the first few time she was like a bucking horse but now i couldnt be without it. we only use it when going for a walk cause not to potty. she had a problem with wiggling her way out of her collar and running home so
we have used the gentle leader for our youngest Reese and it worked well....we are still using it on most of her walks but we do switch things around a bit to make sure we dont use the gl as a crutch. No problems with any type of rash with her
I ditto Anne's recommendation of the Sense-ible or Sensa-tion harness for use.  It is only available on line and is a wonderful product.  I do not condone the use of the gentle leader head halter.

There is not magic cure for pulling, however.  It just takes lots of practice with your dog.

Nano - I found the Sense-ible rig at a local training, doggie daycare center.  The Company may find a place that carries it locally so you don't have to order directly.  It was nice to be able to try the thing on, and get a short demonstration.  Again it was tremendous, and nothing was around his neck.

I tried the Gentle Leader with Seven when he was younger. When he had it on he acted like his back legs didnt work! It was the funniest thing. Without it he would jump up in my car no problem, with it on he would pull himself up in the car with his front feet and drag his back legs up like they didnt work at all! Same with him coming up on the couch (when he asks like a gentleman), he would pull himself up and drag his legs.

I didnt like the Gentle Leader. I found walking him with a tight leash (him next to me) and the command "Stay with me" and praise him when he didnt pull at all worked better. I just reinforced constantly what was good behavior and he got it quickly. I rarely leash him because he "stays with me" when I ask him to, or in sight, and never crosses the street without sitting first and me telling him its ok to cross. But when I bring him into stores its nice not to have him pull on the leash when Im shopping or trying to pay for something!
nano\";p=\"70207 said:
There is not magic cure for pulling, however. It just takes lots of practice with your dog.

I bought a gentle leader but noticed it was for adult sized boxer and put it away and just taught her with a regular collar.  At 15 weeks she is doing very well staying by my side with minimal pulling. She knows when I stop she sits down and the same goes for pulling ahead.  Although it is really tiring on the arm, I do not allow her to ever pass me but walk just beside me in a heal position.  Sometimes at 4:30 am I want her to pull me ;-) but I always think of the future! At 15 weeks they start gaining lots of strength so I cannot imagine at 1 year
If it was a nylon GL that gave him a rash there are leather ones out there.. just google leather head collar or gentle leader.
haven't used harnesses though so can't comment on that one ;)
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