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German vs American

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ok so not to sound ignorant or uneducated but i am not getting the difference between the german boxer and the american. i have looked at the site posted by hannabanana and have read and looked at other pics but honestly dont see the difference!! I dont see how Cindi you could tell that one pup was of german decent-looked to me just like a cute little boxer!! what are the key differences between the two??
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There is not that much since its the same standard, however you can tell an import sometimes by the coat.  They seems to have a thicker coat, their paws are a lot larger and they tend to have a heavier build.

Sorry thats not much help but the link below I think explains it the best:)
I spent hours reading that post and what I got from it was that the different parts of the world, England, Northern Europe, Southern Europe, and USA/Canada have tried to keep closely to the type, but each area has changed a little with respect to style (that being elegant rather than substantial in build) and in some of the countries they have eliminated the word elegance from the standard and are therefore breeding a more substantial dog (more substance less refinement.   If you read through the 18 some odd pages, she points out the good and bad points of each country or regions dogs.  She says the English dogs have longer coats and looser skin, some have droopy eyes because of heavy jowls, etc. (she points this out as a flaw they are working to correct).  There's a bunch of other stuff too, but basically she says we should all adhere to the type in the standard and try and stay away from what's the style that currently winning.  As an All Breed world-wide judge her point was that we should all continue to follow the standard and not wind up creating diverent classes for boxers.
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I usually see a big difference in the head. Take Voltaire for instance. Compare his head and muzzle to any other boxer on here. They usually have or appear to have more of an underbite as well.
I need a Voltaire fix.....where is Annette??
I love the long legged sleek look more... but they are all gorgeous!

I was thinking about her yesterday or the day before... haven't seen Annette in a while!! Anyone know!??
I can easily tell but thats just me lol I can usually tell if a dog is half euro and half american!!

Just like stated above the Euro has more of a heavy wrinkly look to them!! American is more elegant!!

I dont prefer one over the other because I love both but I sure would LOVE a german pup :wink:  I might kill for one LMAO jk jk Im not violent lol

Im actually looking at a few litters from Boxberry Kennel right now and am willing to pay top dollar for a pup! Would love one from Winuwuk but thats a dream lmao I think Ill be paying around $5000 give or take a few by time all the import fees go through!! SHHHHHHHHHHH DONT YOU DARE TELL HUBBY! He'll kill me (literally) :roll:   :twisted:
LOL TOO FUNNY! I agree I love both... I wouldn't mind a german pup either... but that is at the very least a long ways away. Maybe someday!
I can never tell the difference either. I just thought the entire breed of boxer originated from germany.... everything I read about the boxer agrees with this. There's this AKC guide to purebred dogs posted at my work (PetSmart) and it gives a picture of the dog, the name, place of origin, and their original use. For boxers, it says their place of origin is germany and their original use was for large game hunting.

Kinda shows how they've changed in the different regions in breeding against the "munich" silhlouette, which i assume they take as the "prime example" of the Boxer head.

coat, body density/elegance, height, and other factors also apply, its just kinda neat overall, Each region bred to the same standard and they turned out slightly different overall yet even with the subtleties, they are all still our beloved lil boxer buddies ;)
HELLO!!!! I'm still here!!! Just have guests staying the whole month so no time at all for anything else - i'm shattered!!! (And when i do have free time - bro is hogging the pc so i can't get to it!) Very touched that you all noticed i wasn't about  :D Been missing you all too! Here's a pic of Voltaire though.....squishy european face and all :D
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If you are ever in America, please come visit WI; I would love to see Volitare, he is gorgeous.
Calliou, I saw a brindle boxer yesterday in the bank and I did a double take, I could have sworn it was Voltaire!
Glad to see Vol back  :D

Here is a pic of Fiona's parents Inga and Hanz, they are Euro Boxers and to me they look bulkier and more squish face.   :D
Welcome back!! We missed you!!  :D
Missed you all too....will be back to normal posting in september :D ...i hope!
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