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Getting his ears cropped next week....???

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I have an appointment to get tysons ears cropped next week and Im starting to feel like not doing it. I read so many different  stories about this. Some go great some are a nightmares. Im not sure how to post them up and all that goes along with that. We dont have all day to see about him if he should pull the wrappings off etc. Plz feel free to comment on this if u have had it done to your boxer and give me some insight. I have a few more days to decide.
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well I made 3 appointments & backed out on all 3 lol......Now hes to old so the thought is gone.Most vets are honest and will tell you,your pet will be in pain.I just couldnt put mine through unneeded pain.Good luck whatever you decide..& most of all GOOD LUCK TO TYSON !!!
i'm all for floppy...i just think it's so adorable, plus i just wouldn't want to put my baby through it...but it is a personal choice
He's 14 weeks, and its now or never. I like the floppy when theyre young, but when full grown I find they dont have that "boxer" look.
IMHO--Too old to have them done now.

Everybody I've talked with, including vets suggest cropping at 14 weeks.  Both ours are floppy, kinda wish Charlie was cropped.
the vet told me they do them between 13-15 weeks. Ive read online where they were even done older. Not sure why it matters really what age they are?
I agree it is a personaly choice, my preference is floppy.
I love the cropped look, but we love Patch's floppy ears more :)
I got one of my male pitbull done (for show purposes only)(its hard to place in the show ring with a uncropped male pitbull) and after hearing him scream and holler for an hour after it was done, I think it is just as cruel to cut their ears as it is to fight them.
Even tho mine are both cropped I still prefer the "natural" look...Obviously if you are having second thoughts, you may want to just forget having it done...14 weeks is at the high end of a good crop and it can be a lot of work to get your babies ears to stand, altho some have had no problem...Don't get me wrong, I love the regal show crop on a great looking Boxer, Angel's are lovely, but she has such a small delicate face, the ears kinda overwhelm her...
We had Harley's done at 10 weeks old, I did the same thing. I wasn't sure what to do! I kept thinking that if they screw them up, you can't go back and re do them. I carried thru with it, and was VERY pleased how they turned out! Every boxer is different, some have good cartilidge, and some take some work. I wish you the best. Here is a picture of Harley's ears after he had them done.
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I like Dukes floppy!  He likes it when I pull up on his ears (gently of course) and make noises :)  Plus when he runs they flop backwards....We always ask him "Duke were you running fast" and he gets excited :)
I guess I just don't believe in cosmetic procedures on animals that are purely for our benefit b/c we like the way it looks...they can't chose to have it done, so i guess I would just feel guilty. I feel bad that Fredo's tail was even docked but that was done before I got him.

Having said that, I am not condemning anyone for choosing to alter, it is simply my opinion as a pet owner and animal lover.
I love the cropped ears look. I love the floppy ears look.
My concern with cropping is the possibility they may not turn out as well as you had hoped. I didn't want to risk that with Diesel. Also the main reason for cropping was for show, but they're now allowing un-cropped ears in the show ring, so it's becoming less and less needed.
My opinion... It's a waste of money...  As far as not having the "boxer look", what's more boxer than the way they are born?  I think the floppy ears are adorable.
Ive thought about it a few times with Roxy but just couldnt find a good ear cropper and was very nervous about them not coming out as they should!! Reeko would just look funny with cropped ears lol Its up to you to lol I LOVE floppy and I dont think Id ever get any future pups cropped expecially now that they changed the standards! Reekos in the ring with natural ears and is doing well. In matches hes placing beforre some croppped puppies which is a good sign lol We will see when he gets into the "point" ring
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