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Gifting friend

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I am planning to celebrate this Christmas at my friend
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What about a gift card for your local pet store?
I would just bring something small.  One of those doggie Christmas stockings that has treats in it would be perfect, and in Ireland they're very inexpensive, around
I understand that you do not have pets at home and sure it would be difficult for you to understand how much people love their pets. On the net you can find many online stores that provide you complete information about gifts for pets. I suggest you a site called which has a lot of gift items for pets. This holiday season they are offering a discount of 15% thru 12/4/07 using the code word "gift" with $9 flat shipping, free gift wrap and no processing charge. They provide a large variety of gift baskets at reasonable rates and I am sure your problem would be solved. Happy Holidays!
What I did last year and plan on doing again this year is make some homemade dog treats.  Very quick and easy to mix up a batch and bake.  Lots of recipes here and around the web.
I think a toy would be better then treats.  I can't just give my dog any treat, because he has a sensitive stomach, so I would probably just throw them out.  You never know what kind of diet a dog is on.  Toys are always a great option.
"Gifting friend's pet."  I thought you were giving away your friend's pet.  WHEW....
Sorry, I was talking about my aunt's and sister's dogs.  Both can and will eat anything they can put their teeth around so a non-issue for me.
I think youre pretty safe with a non-squeaky toy!
I agree any toy that is suitable for the dog and its breed would be a welcome treat for both dog and owner..I know my baby goes through so meny bones and toys I buy her more toys and stuff then I do my kids lol not really but feels like it... but it would give free time for you and you loved one to have a tea or drink while he/she is chewing away then having him/her jummping and getting excited about a new person and have fun with a new toy. hope its goes well.

p.s love the name that is my name.....question is your full name constance?
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