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Glad to be a part of Boxer Forum!

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Hello...Rocco and I are so very glad to be part of this forum.  Rocco is a 2 year old male boxer.  He is all white with the exception of a small brown patch above his right eye.  He is a deaf, but despite his loss of hearing he is very fun loving, responsive and intelligent.  Rocco suffers from severe allergies, which has become a real fight.  He is currently being tested for food allergies.  

We are looking forward to being a part of this forum!


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Hello and Welcome to the forum! Rocco looks so adorable in his little Christmas hat :) Cant wait to see more pics of him. Please keep us postedon how his allergy testing goes. I believe we do have some people here that have boxers with food allergies, should be of some help
Hello & Welcome!  What a cute picture!!  Allergies are a pain....Lola has them, just don't know to what as of yet!  Keep us posted on how he does!
Welcome! He is very cute in his outfit :) Lots of good info on this forum, glad you joined us.
Welcome!  Rocco is so cute, sure hope you find the cause of his allergies.
Welcome to you & Rocco, who looks quite festive in his holiday attire  :) We do have quite a few people on here with allergy issues, so if you search thru the topics, you may find some help....Good luck on the testing and please keep us posted
OMG... that is the cutest picture!
Welcome to the site, good luck with the food allergy results!
Welcome to you and Rocco, whom by the way makes a darn cute reindeer!  :D

Isis is deaf also ..and has some crazy skin allergies..that weve never quite nailed down..but we are glad you are here:):)
good luck with the tests
Welcome!  Rocco is a cutie!  Love his Christmas get up.
Welcome i love the pic it is adorable.
Howdy from Texas and welcome! :D

Rocco is a cutie! :wink:
welcome! that has to be one of the cutest pics i have ever seen! sorry to hear. about his allergies :(  . good luck and cannot wait to see more pics!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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