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Going to buy a Boxer for the first time-Advice please

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Hello to all

I am a new member and would like some advice.  I am going to have a Boxer soon and wondered if the Boxer is really a big softy.  The reason I ask is that some people say the Boxer would protect its family and others say it would run and hide.  I don't want a guard dog but a watchdog in the sense it would bark if an intruder did get into my home, or tried to.
I have  owned Kerry Blue Terriers in the past, but I have also always liked the Boxer.  I suppose my question is would you Boxer owners rate the Boxer as a watchdog?  The reason I ask about intruders is when I had my Kerry Blue Terrier, Rea, he stopped an intruder getting into my home. The intruder managed to take a pane of glass out of the window, but that was as far as they got. I returned home to find my Kerry Blue wagging its tale standing near the window. So although this was along time ago I still worry about intruders.
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I got Hondo as a pup and he didn't start bsrking till recently. Hes 7 mo now and barks when he hears someone pull up or knock on the door. Once we open the door he just glad to see someone and starts wagging the nub.
Welcome to the forum!!! Yes, a Boxer is a usually a big lover not a fighter, but they are also very protective of their families. I would say that as far as a watch dog goes, and alerting you to danger, a Boxer would be about a 10, they DO NOT go looking for trouble, but if trouble finds them, they will not back down, especially where their families are concerned. They are just awesome babies. ( Maybe a little bias?!) I would bet that if someone would try to break into our house, if they weren't intimidated by the bark and the over all appearance of Harley and Dozer, they wouldn't get into the house before the dogs would let them know they meant bussiness! When you get your baby, post lots of pics!!!! We love pics around here!!!! Glad to have you!
Even tho Chloe is often scared of the wind blowing , she won't let a stranger in our yard if she is outside. If someone tries to come in our yard she don't know she will stand there and bark non stop until me or hubby let her know it's okay for the person to come in. When we aren't home she is on guard all the time. Once my friend stopped over and we weren't home and even tho Chloe knows her well Chloe sat there in the window barking her head off and doing a low type sounding growl. My friend couldn't get over it and even said if I didn't know what a love bug Chloe was I wouldn
Boxers are big softies, that's why we love them so much, but that's not to say they also aren't intimidating...I have seen people back away from my car when they see mine....They are watchful, alert and that's what you want, actually that's all I expect really...Will they bark? To be honest, that depends on the Boxer, I know mine will and Angel has a booming bark, course once someone comes in, Samson would lead them to the family silver then beg a ride in the car.....Just joking  :lol: My first Boxer, Buck was 6 mos before he barked the first time, I had actually wondered if ever would...Something I have noticed as I have pairs m/f, my female always is the early warning system, then my males chime in if they deem it appropriate, when the boys bark, I pay attention
Thank you all for replying so quick.
When I was a teen I knew a shop keeper with a Boxer and just by the look of the Boxer me and my friends were very cautious of it, at that time we did not realise that it had a gentle nature, that is one of the reasons I like Boxers, the way they look.  I am hoping to get my puppy about May and when I do I will post some pictures.  I have heard the Boxer has a really good temperment that is what I look for mainly, a good companion. I think this is a really good site and I am glad I found it.
By the way I love the pictures.
I would have to say that Boxers are great family/guard dogs, with my last Boxer, Sexy she was very protective of the property and her people, she would bark with a really mean sounding bark when someone knocked at the door, and if she was out in the yard with me and a car would pull into the driveway she would bark again with that really mean bark and most wouldn't get out of their vehicle until I called her back over to me....I've also had a few brave and willing people pretend to hit me and let me tell you that Sexy was right there growling, barking and seconds from latching on to them. So as far as Boxers being protective and good guard dogs I would say yes....and as for my new little girl Gaby I guess time will tell as she is still very young. They are however, big softies with their family :D
Maggie will bark when someone knocks on the door and only then.  When she hears other dogs barking in the area she will just go to the window to see what is going on.  

Jessie does not warn us when someone is coming at all.  She never barks when someone is at the door.  She only barks at Shaun when they are playing.
My male Elijah is very protective...if we go outside to walk...if he sees anyone he will stand in guard position and growl....if someone knows on the dooor he goes beserk...but hurt someone...i don't think so...he just is very watchful of his people...but with us and anyone he knows (or sniffs more than once :) ) he is the biggest baby in the world.  Ava is 4 months and she has learned from him that when people approach she stands in position and growls...but then her tail begins to wag as she is growling...she doesn't quite know what she wants to do yet. YES YES YES they are great watchdogs...

my husband works at night and with these two...eli hears a peep and he is flipping out (they scare me more often than not...hehehe).
I just got my first Boxer last week and one of the reasons I wanted her is because mu husband travels alot and I wanted a bugger dog. I have to say, Stella is quite vocal with the other 2 dogs and if we don't do what she wants..she bounces and barks at us!!! LOL!!! however..if the dog next door barks or if the birds chirp too loud she comes running straight inside!!! She's sooo cute!!! And welcome to this site...I just found it also and I think its awesome.
They can make great watch dogs.  Most of them just have the natural instinct, although I have heard of boxers that show no watchdog activity.  Just be forewarned, it may be as long as a full year before the watchdog kicks in (if you get a puppy).  My dog barely even barked before 6 months old.  It wasn't until a few weeks after that he really started looking out the windows and taking notice of people.  Just now he's starting to combine the barking with people outside.  I really like the watchdog tendencies, so I encourage it and praise him when he does.  Once it does start to kick in its pretty funny, he acts like he's always on patrol.  I notice the alertness is greater at night, I think it's just the primal instincts in the wild of having to be more cautious at night time.
Boxers are big softies.  But I would wager that if somebody were to strike there owner or family, they would get aggressive pretty dang quick!  I've never experienced this, but my wife had boxers growing up and she stated that one of her Dad's friends came by one afternoon, ran to her and picked her up, and there boxer came growling and I think he actually bit the guy.
My dogs are very protective (vocally) of their property.   When we go into the yard if someone walks by they bark bark bark.  Stacked position what not, however if that person says can I pat your dog or tries to come toward them, they go behind me - what whimps!!!   But I am glad.   They will bark if they see any car come into the driveway or hear the big door open, then they become wimps.   ha ha ha!!!
Boxers are great dogs all around! as many have said they are all different. My girls never bark at anyone or thing. the only time i have heard a peep out of either one of them is when we brought Reese home and my older one Savannah was teaching her the pack order. Reese is now 13 months old and Savannah is 3. every now and then i may get a yip or a bark if one of them has a toy and the other wants it. All in all though i can count on 1 hand how many times i have heard a noise from them. i would read through the sticky's in the breeding section to help pick a good breeder, if you dont have your puppy picked out already. Also a good breeder will be able to match the perfect puppy with you. Best of luck and please post pics once you get some!
Cooper was the funniest thing one night when we ordered pizza.  He's very protective of us and our property, has been since day 1.  Anyway, the night the pizza delivery guy came, Cooper was barking and growling at the car, then the delivery guy right up until he stepped on the porch.  As soon as the guy's feet hit the porch, Cooper couldn't get away fast enough.  He hit every single door and wall from the foyer into the kitchen running backwards.  Too funny!  He got tough again after I went to the front door.  Then he barked for about 5 minutes at the front door after the guy left.   :roll:
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