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Good girl Sadie!!

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Sadie can now sit AND give a paw!!!!! YAY! We are working on the come, but it's coming!  :lol:  I can't believe how quickly she is learning, she is such a smart girl! I guess its true what they say about Boxers, very smart breed! I'm so excited for her!! :love:
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Congrats Sadie.... They really are smart Jessie learned paw in 10 minutes I thought it was awesome..Keep up the good work Sadie
WooHoo Sadie! Good girl!  :D
Such a good girl Sadie..... :clap: Keep up the good work you two
I can't really take credit for being the teacher  :oops:  I came home from work last night and he had taught her sit and give a paw!!! He's such a good daddy  :)  So we thought why not try with 'come'? So we played the game where we throw her toy back and forth between us and ask her to come when we each have it, she loved the game!
Sadie, you are such a good (smart) girl.
Good girl Sadie, and nice job Sadiesmomma!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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