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good morning from Haylee & Kaiser

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a couple of pics from this morning   i am trying to figure out how to hold my camera with a cast from my fingers to my armpit.  It makes editing impossible and i just  got a stylus mouse and pressure pad for xmas :(


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Haylee and Kaiser are beautiful :)  Sorry about your arm though 8O  must be so hard to do even the most simple things. What's weather like in Saint Louis? My brother's pleased to be back in the UK this year - last year those power cuts and ice storms in winter plus the muggy summers were a bit hard for a Brit!
it's chilly  about 0degrees C but sunny.  those ice storms werre a fluke  i haven't seen anything like that in years.  the summers are muggy though.   yeah i keep going to scratch my head with my right hand an i can't even touch it lol
Great pics of Haylee & Kasier....What in the world did you do to your arm?
What beautiful pups :lol: Sorry about your arm, hope it wasn't a fall on the ice????
awwwwwwwww good morning guys...

wow what did you do to your arm? that so stinks...
They are looking great, sorry to hear about your arm, must be very uncomfortable.
i wrecked my dirt bike and broke my wrist...  it was the lesser of two evils
they are beautiful.. i was going to get a brindle as my second boxer but it didnt quiet work out that
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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