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Greetings all from a newbie with a problem

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Well , a little background to start out with . My grown daughter got into boxers with a great looking brindle male named Tyson while she was temperarily living back home. So I was the alpha male of his pack for his first 7months. I had no Idea how much differant boxers are from other dogs, they think they are human and get you believing it .
 When my daughter got back in her own place ,she got Tyson a sweet little fawn female.
And as planned she allowed them to have one litter, 2 white males,1 fawn female a brindle twin to Tyson & a brindle female. I had to have one of course and took the white male with one brindle ear. PATCH  
Patch is 10 months old and has been great from the start, until a few days ago . He acted like he just ran out of gas, ate a good meal the evening of 5-23  and the next morning had diarrhea and wouldnt drink or move unless I left the room , he would slowly follow.
Took him to the vet ASAP. Vet says he has kidney infection Bad. Puts him on an IV for fluids and antibiotics. He's responding well and I should be able to get him home after the holiday weekend.  The vet cant give me a cause or reason why this happened. Any Ideas??
All of Patchs buddies and siblings that he has contact with are all fine. I"m  worried that he could get in trouble again.
Sorry for being so long winded , and putting this here instead of the health page
      Any and all Ideas and replys wil be greatly appreciated.

        JTMAX aka John
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Sorry we haven't had to deal with this but wishing you luck with your little guy!    I am a newbie here too but welcome to the board!
Did he ever take steroids for another medical problem? Xena has an itching problem and we've tried many things to stop it...the vet gave us the option of steroids but said it comes the risk of liver problems....didn't say anything about kidney problems but maybe its related?? Anyhow...we didn't want to risk it so we said no....but that's just a guess of mine.
Btw....I hope everything turns out ok. Keep us updated and welcome to the forums!
No steroids or any other out of the ordinary meds , just his puppie vacs. He's always been real healthy , good appetite, real energenic his weight is 52 lb which is good to average at 10 months.
 I'm worrying now that while we were in the woods that he ate some poison plant. But where do you start ? I guess that if I dont come up with an answer that he will have to stay out of the woods , he'll be crushed.
   Thanks for your replys and suggestions ,I'll keep you all updated .
A poison plant...bug...maybe a frog?? There was a post awhile back by Samsonsmom about the Bufo frog. It was very informative and you have to watch out for them especially since our babies are quite the little hunters. Maybe shell repost it or be able to help you out a little better.
Welcome to the forum, but I'm sad to hear that your Patch is not doing well..There could be a ton of things that could have caused it, so it's really hard to say..I would try and keep a close eye on him when he comes homes, keep his wandering down to a minimum...My Samson loves to wander inthe woods and has never had anything happen...

My thought tho, is if like humans, something is lacking in the diet..I have had kidney infections before and was encouraged to drink lots of fluids, especially cranberry juice...My mother in law's poodle was prone to them and she got these cranberry pills that she gave Gabby and they worked quite well...I could have sworn they were by a company called 8 in 1, but I have checked a couple places(petsmart incl) and can't seem to find them :(  Maybe ask your vet about that...

Hoping that Patch starts getting better and please post some pics of him when you have a chance...
[quote="JTMAX\";p=\"10333":2w2lbu2s]No steroids or any other out of the ordinary meds , just his puppie vacs. He's always been real healthy , good appetite, real energenic his weight is 52 lb which is good to average at 10 months.
Welcome to the forum... I hope things look up for Patch..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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